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  1. I tried moving it around without luck BUT, I went to the village / normal village and click on LOCATE MANUALLY and guided it to the TH. It registered as a 12 and appears to be working, Ill be watching Wish I had known this before, many times in the past it was not recognizing the warden and I always reinstalled the bot :/
  2. Siege Issues Are there any known issues w/ siege in 7.7.9. In the train army tab I have 3 under the wrecker, the bot never opens the siege tab. I dont remember the RED zero being there in past versions. Ideas? If it means anything I gem'd the siege machine ready :/ I changed to a different base and restarted and did not find resolve. When the bot runs its initial village report it is not checking siege. Maybe the bot thinks my village is a TH 11? [8:14:31 AM] Main Screen located [8:14:33 AM] Detecting your Buildings [8:14:34 AM] Detecting your Village Theme [8:14:34 AM] Normal Theme detected [8:14:37 AM] Language setting is English: Correct. [8:14:38 AM] Village Report [8:14:38 AM] [T]: 3 117 [8:14:38 AM] [G]: 3 171 766 [E]: 3 093 429 [D]: 198 112 [GEM]: 908 [8:14:45 AM] Total Army Camp Capacity: 225/225 (100%) [8:14:45 AM] - 27 Balloons Available [8:14:45 AM] - 15 Minions Available [8:14:45 AM] - 2 Lava Hounds Available [8:14:45 AM] - Barbarian King Available [8:14:45 AM] - Archer Queen Available [8:14:46 AM] Remaining Warden recover time: 13.00 [8:14:46 AM] Total Spell Factory Capacity: 11/11 [8:14:46 AM] - 3 Rage Spells Brewed [8:14:46 AM] - 5 Haste Spells Brewed [8:14:46 AM] Clan Castle Full/No Clan. [8:14:46 AM] Total Clan Castle Spells: 2/2 [8:14:46 AM] Total Siege CC Capacity: 1/1 [8:14:46 AM] - 1 Wall Wrecker Available [8:14:47 AM] Chief, is your Army ready? No, not yet! [8:14:47 AM] Waiting for Heroes [8:14:48 AM] Checking Troop tab: 450/450 [8:14:50 AM] Checking Spell tab: 22/22 [8:14:55 AM] Trying to locate Main Screen [8:14:56 AM] Main Screen located [8:14:59 AM] Village Report
  3. Client & Sever Out Of Sync I have just started seeing this, is the CSV / script running too fast? Happening during the attack, almost every single time. Maybe need to slow it down some.
  4. I had this same exact problem, I think folks thought I was crazy. Uncheck the THREE HEROES under "wait for.." Come back and let us know if it works!!
  5. I havnt noticed this but will be looking, thanks for sharing.
  6. I run memu 3.6.9 and have done so for a LONG time, I am very pleased with it. You should be able to google and find it.
  7. You need to follow the instruction in the other thread and recompile the bot. If that doesn't make sense trying reading a few of the FAQ's. I think it may have been omitted in the other thread you need to first make sure the bot is OFF and second you need to rename or relocate the existing mybot.run.exe file. The revised will not recompile if the current exe is in the same sub folder.
  8. I will have to try changing the base layout and restarting the bot next time, thanks for chiming in. I found resolve as I have done in the past with this issue by installing the latest version.
  9. I unticked all three heros in "wait for heros" I also unticked "wait for spells to be ready" and the bot attacked. trying to figure out which one it is now.
  10. Search, Trophy or Army Camp % are out of range in search settings [9:12:43 AM] None of search condition match: [9:12:43 AM] Search, Trophy or Army Camp % are out of range in search settings Bot will not attack, what am I missing here? I have it set to army camps >99% and even tried other criteria without success.
  11. Thanks for the update @Nytol, have a great day!!
  12. Tencent Obtains 81% Stake In SC Overnight https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2019/10/23/tencent-buys-majority-stake-in-clash-of-clans-developer-supercell/#2e6ee63d1c39
  13. Release dates are rarely shared, if they miss the date then they have to deal with the whining that comes with it.
  14. NO one knows what triggers the ban which we all know comes in waves. You may already be slated to be banned in the next wave. By splitting them up it keeps the community guessing exactly what the trigger is. One of my banned accounts was running 1/2 the day and during that time closing the game when cooking troops. I have never bot my main, so I am not worried. Started a few more accounts and am working them quickly to fill donations.
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