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  1. I understand the attack now button can be added and I have used it in war years ago. My last three that were banned were all created AFTER the last ban wave and never participated in war.
  2. "i didnt play last 2 days i dont even run the bot, i use only the attack button, i dont attack much" This is something, can you provide some clarification? You only BOT the attack? Tells us your exact settings please. If I am hearing this correctly and the persons statement true it would really allow the developers to ZERO in closer.
  3. DEAR BOB, I wish the MODS would leave at least one BANNED thread for us to communicate. This is NOT the proper avenue for such BUT. BOB you need to wipe your emulator and your 3rd BOT will run, it is not banned. This happens every ban wave to me, banned, restart and a few days later new account appears banned. There is at LEAST two bits of data they have flagged one is your account and another within the emulator. If you are using MEMU load up multi MeMu, locate / delete any ban instances, create a NEW instance, add 3rd BOT. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. This applies to THREE accounts that were banned. Date received Ban notice - 1/14/2020 Which version(s) of the bot did you use in last few weeks prior to ban notice? (official release, or MOD, specify version please) 7.8 and 7.8.2 official release [Update] Which Emulator are you using? (BlueStacks, Memu, Driod4x, Nox & Include version #!) - [Update] Have you ever bought gems? Yes [Update] Which version of Clash are you using? MEMU 3.6.9 [Update] How many devices is your Clash account used on? Which devices are they? ONE device a PC MEMU and one login from BS to purchase gems. What army composition was used? (goblin, BARCH, GiBARCH, etc) CSV Scripted custom lava loon What attack search type were you using? (Dead only, Live only, Dead/live, or Dead/Live/Bully/TH combo) Dead If you were attacking live bases, which attack type did you use? (1, 2, 3, or 4 sided; DE Side, TH Side, or Milk Farm) N/A Did you use Scripted Attack feature? (yes/no, please list name of CSV script used FF, 8F, GoWiPe, AQWalk, etc) Yes lava loon Did you have smart attack enabled for conventional attack types? (yes/no) If so, were you using drop near collectors? (yes/no) NO What was your attack delay unit? (1-9, or random) no idea used a CSV custom What was your Wave delay (1-9, or random) CSV custom [Update]How much time per day did you use bot (24/7, or how many hours?)[Before ''Fair play'' news and after ''Fair play'' news] 24/7 How much time per day did you manually play game? a few minutes a day Were you in a clan? (yes/no) yes Were you in a clan specifically known for bot use? (yes/no) no Did you use modifications of CSV files or other game files for CoC app inside Android emulator? (yes/no, and list type: Low GFX, auto zoom out, show traps, etc) no [Update] Do you have other game modifications or TOS violating software like xmod or imod installed on your device since Fair Play notice started? (yes/no, if yes which one?) no ^^^^ Answer yes even if you did a regular uninstall of xmod. It leaves files even after an uninstall. Have you EVER posted a picture of your base (even with name/clan blurred out), an attack log, or the number of resources you had in clan chat, bot forums, reddit, SC forums, etc.? no Does anyone who knows your base name/clan know that you're using the bot? (yes/no) no one i dont know in real life If you have a SC forum account, does it use the same IP/email as your clash account and have you admitted to using the bot or been banned on it? (yes/no) no Do you have any prior violations of the ToS (offensive language, offensive base design, etc.) no
  5. Lost another THREE accounts this morning :/ I am officially OUT of bots, not sure if I will go again yet.
  6. Ive been at it for YEARS to the say the least, I never knew what save profile meant. The above should work, to save the profile click on BOT / Profiles / and the green check mark. If you have truly done it as described I would post back I bet some kind person will tell you the file to open and 0 to change to a 1.
  7. If it was me I would uninstall MEMU and search for MEMU 3.6.9 and run it. I have been using it for years and its been trouble free.
  8. TROOPNAME Kicking around updating today, what is the troopname for the siege barracks and the yeti?
  9. League Statues - Clan I am looking for a clan that would allow me in temporarily, just long enough to purchase the contender, master, champion statues. What say you?
  10. It worked!! Thank you very much, have a wonderful day.
  11. Curious HOW do you save your settings It stopped attacking again, trying shortly to remedy. No luck, in a day or two I am going to GEM the TH to finish.
  12. Uncheck Warden "wait for heroes" v7.8 Ive upgraded to the latest and greatest ONE of the instances is having an issue. TH is a 10 headed to 11 in a few days. The bot can not attack in its currents state. Ive tried moving my TH and restarting the bot. I need to uncheck the warden, its waiting for a hero that is simply not going to be ready until I get to TH11 Thoughts? I restarted AGAIN, I still have the check in the box but its NOW attacking!! YAY You can close this thread.
  13. thanks for chiming in, that is exactly what I did for 2nd bot and it WORKED as you can see above. It did NOT work on the 3rd bot, you likely know how the code works. So please correct me if I am wrong, I think I need to allow the two spell factories to finish upgrading then try again. I do appreciate your input and I think its the most friendly response I have ever gotten from you. Thanks for all that you do, have a great weekend! I will certainly update this thread when the buildings are finished upgrading and I have repeated those same steps.
  14. Need to add missing spells to bot 7.7.9 How do I add the missing spells to TWO of the bots Going to shuffle the village a bit momentarily and see if that helps. I restarted the bots w/o any luck. OK I figured it out, I switched to scripted attacked and started the bot. Then stopped it and set it back to standard and all the spells appeared. I was able to get one of the two working, I think my spell factories are constantly being upgraded and the bot isnt detecting them as it should. Lets see what happens when the upgrades are completed.
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