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  1. I am using super barbarian with custom train. And I have set boost super barbarian as super troop1 but for some reason when super barbarian time period expires bot don't boost barbarian, instead thinks all barracks are upgrading. Due to this issue bot runs without any loot unless I manually boost super barbarian. I am running more than 8 account on multiple bot and it is hard for me to track boost for every account manually.
  2. yeah for one of my VPS I use the same version still it uses almost 1.7-1.8 gb memory. So I'm not sure how you are using 2 GB RAM instance with same bluestacks version.
  3. So you mean BS non-rooted version use less memory?
  4. Check How to, there are number of vps which works with mybot. I personally use google vps and it is working great.
  5. Following is my usage data for 2core 4Gb instance data. I did try 2core 2GB instance but it often gives error due to overloaded memory usage. I am using 2.2.21 rooted bluestacks. And it alone use 1.7-1.8 Gb which is available in 2x2 instance. I would like to know which buleStacks version you use and how much memory it uses. yes it is working.
  6. true but 2 gb RAM is not enough bluestacks alone use 1.7/1.8 gb RAM. 2 core 4 gb works great.
  7. 2core 2gb RAM is not enough, what other option do I have to extend my trail for long?
  8. Seems like its TH level error. Change your TH to some other place, if bot detect your town hall and reads it as level14 bot will produce error and stop running. Nope they can dislocate Th so bot never reads TH level. Use th13 profile or if you are planning to make a new profile use th13 at the beginning when bot asks you for TH location. then pause bot and change ID. Don't place TH at same place similar to TH13. As far as bot does not read your TH it will work. Working for me. DId same thing during th13 update.
  9. As far as opponent damage your base 30% or greater you will get shield.
  10. Thanks man, I did found issue. It was because I was just running 1 user. Created 2 users and it worked great.
  11. I recently started using VPS. After a lot of hard work, I finally set up emulator and bot. But whenever I close my remote desktop mybot cannot find army windows sometimes and after few error it restart bluestacks. And goes into loop of closing and starting bluestacks. Here are the logs. [6:06:48 AM] Trying to locate Main Screen [6:06:56 AM] Main Screen located [6:06:56 AM] Shield has expired [6:07:08 AM] Village Report [6:07:08 AM] [T]: 2 702 [6:07:09 AM] [G]: 14 000 000 [E]: 18 000 000 [D]: 100 470 [GEM]: 2 841 [6:07:16 AM] Checking Lab Status [6:07:19 AM] Laborato
  12. working with 14 also just use old profile. Yes if you have auto upgrade enabled then you may have some issue.
  13. Its a common error , occurs everytime, when new th arrives, I didn't encountered this error because I knew this might happen. I used th13 when locating th and then changed Id.
  14. If you are getting incorrect number of subscript and subscript dimension error that means your bot read town hall level as 14. Solution is when you locate town hall, use th13 account, then pause bot, change account and resume. Or you can make a ne profile an never locate TH. other than this I haven't seen any different error so far.
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