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  1. Yes!! IT working after do this quick fix. thanks @TFKNazGul
  2. then what file i should upload for you? ClanChatButton_0_92.xml? "Enable MBRDebug.txt" was empty after debug. Bot show this at last debug, i not sure is it what you need. imgloc searching for: ClanChat : C:\Users\Ck's\Desktop\MyBot-MBR_v7.7.9 (1)\imgxml\imglocbuttons\ClanChatButton_0_92.xml the log file also uploaded, if still need any file please guide me, thanks ClanChatButton_0_92.xml 2019-10-30_10.34.50.log
  3. i am not sure what photo u need, this is the bot and clan chat screen shot, and it is runing 7.7.9. and i always use "Extra Alphabet recognitions: Chinese" without problem, just 7.7.9 i facing this issue.
  4. yes, early posted link was 7.7.8, but i download after that 7.7.9 also same, maybe i try again and confirm with you. reinstall with fresh setting still the same, not sure is it problem at mybot read chinese? And confirm 7.7.9 was runing. [12:40:08 AM] Using OCR to read Chinese alphabets. below is log file from new install of mybot. 2019-10-28_11.47.33.log
  5. 7.7.9 unable to read chat request 7.7.9 unable to read chat request [12:40:07 AM] Using OCR to read Latin derived alphabets. [12:40:08 AM] Using OCR to read Chinese alphabets. [12:40:08 AM] Unable to read Chat Request! [12:40:10 AM] Bot was Paused! 2019-10-27_23.52.02.log
  6. @mrskman thank you, work perfectly after follow all the quick fix and recompile.
  7. Clan Chat Did Not Open - Abandon Donate not donate troops after coc update, chat is open but bot show " Clan Chat Did Not Open - Abandon Donate"
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