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  1. sachmet

    SmartFarm Attack

    Thank you MAJPA. That was very insightful information!
  2. sachmet

    SmartFarm Attack

    Hi, I have a question about the resources options for the SmartFarm Attack. For the "Inside resources" option: Do I understand this correctly, that the bot will attack only from one side, if at least x% of all available resource building's resources are on the inside of the base. Or does it only take collectors & drills into consideration? If it is like so, it might be better to give an option to skip the base, when collectors are on the inside of the base. The reason for this is: cheap farming troops like GiArch usually are not strong enough to penetrate into the core and destroy it. The bot recently attacked a base, where it might have been smarter to skip than to attack, my GiArch army was not able to get to the core here. If there is an option for this than I'm sorry that I haven't been able to locate it yet, I just started using MyBot. For the "Outside resources" option: Basically the same question, is it "at least y% ressouces" and what buildings.