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  1. There are no problems, I use nox, the last one and I have no problems whatsoever even if at startup MBR says it is an unsupported version. It is not certified but it works.
  2. Attention that the interface for the switch account has changed, it will need to secure new coordinates to work.
  3. combat abnormal behavior After SC made the October updates, I noticed a strange behavior, I'm afraid it could be used to find bots. I use MyBot 7.7.8 Light [r05] and I have to say that it's great, when I let it run it doesn't create problems but ... if I stop it (Stop Bot) when I restart it (Start Bot) it runs the Disconnect-Reconnect cycle and I find a window with the Google account tab, which does not go away but blocks the system. I have to intervene manually by clicking off the tab and then closing the settings window with the red X. I fear that it may be a system to detect, in the event of too long breaks or continuous restarts, the non-presence of a human person to manage the situation. I intervene often to avoid suspicion, altering the normal cycle because this worries me. Does it happen to you too?
  4. If it is not 64-bit I don't care, I use NOX and I am fine, Boom Beach no longer works and I hope they delay the passage of 64-bit Clash, maybe they do the Bignox first ...
  5. Of course it is not difficult to use Google, but the problem in the meantime is that Boom Beach updated does not work anymore, nobody has talked about bots, the game does not work; when they update 64-bit also Clash if we don't have a suitable emulator it won't work, so the bot will be useless, if we have a working emulator we will see if the bot will be updated. Today the problem is that Boom beach does not start!
  6. I contacted Bignox, here's the answer: Hello! Our 64bit version is on the way, follow more on this at our Discord server in the #activity channel ... So they are working to resolve, otherwise they know they have come to an end.
  7. I regularly play with NOX updated to version, yesterday I updated Boom Beach and as said by strych9 it stopped working. I believe that they will also update Clash of Clans soon and all emulators will be blocked. I tried to install iTool but it doesn't change the situation, for now I don't think there are solutions. Too bad, for reasons of view, I can't play from my cell phone and I'll have to stop playing. We hope for an update of the emulators that will allow us to resume.
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