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  1. Part 4: Final steps for running the bot without interruptions when logging out of RDP: on page 1 of this post is quite explanatory. The diagram in that section explains how things work. You will need to create 2 users (user1, user2) on that machine. Logon user2 from your local computer with RDC into the VPS and then logon user1 within the remote connection with another RDC.
  2. I got this setup a few days ago and 2.5.43 works like a dream.
  3. ple81

    Best Mini PC to buy for the cheapest price?

    what emulator do you suggest to use on this? BS v0.10.7 or Memu v2.5 - v2.86? The z8350 comes with Win10. Would that mean BS won't work?