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  1. ple81

    Best Mini PC to buy for the cheapest price?

    what emulator do you suggest to use on this? BS v0.10.7 or Memu v2.5 - v2.86? The z8350 comes with Win10. Would that mean BS won't work?
  2. ple81

    [LVL 13] TH9-12 Farming/War clan

    BUMP. We are Crystal 1. Looking for more for CWL coming up in 7 days.
  3. Babylaloon. The CSV has settings for TH10/11/12.
  4. ple81

    cannot use grand warden in attacks

    Have you done this? https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/35092-th11-all-resource-farming-giarch-loot-ge-2896kh-1523kh-de-12637h-smartzap-super-lightning-dark-drills-updated-1482018/&do=findComment&comment=314910
  5. ple81

    What mini pc should I buy?

    bump. Interested in this as well. Would something like this be sufficient? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074FPRX82/?coliid=I1SCYLBC99NMP1&colid=11UNX63FNZ405&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  6. [LVL 13] TH9-12 Farming/War clan Hi, We are a clan that have just adopted botters. We do manage to complete Clan games. We are seeking more botters or non who also would like to war. What we ask is: During war time: use your attacks During clan games: achieve 50% points If you are interested, please reply with: TH level Queen level King level Warden level War (y/n)
  7. ple81

    List of VPS providers with free trial

    I believe MEmu don't work for any VPS. Bluestacks is tried, tested and proven.
  8. ple81

    Telegram screenshot command

    yeah still not working for me.
  9. what are the benefits of 4 cores over 2 cores?
  10. Telegram screenshot command Hi there, whenever I request for a screenshot, I always get the following error. xxx | Chief, your request for Screenshot will be processed ASAP 2018-10-08_13.07 xxx | Unable to Upload File Occured an error type 2 uploading file to Telegram server... 2018-10-08_13.08 I am using KSOL VPS Thanks.