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  1. Alright, send DM with you're discord acc Okay bro, send me DM with you're discord acc
  2. I'm using Aio mod last version, emulator: iTools MBR version. I tried you're idea, but didn't work, it keeps showing that error " cannot find army window "
  3. Now I'm using iTools, I was using bluestacks with same problem. what do you suggest I use next ??
  4. Bot stops when screen goes OFF Hey guys, I have a pb with the bot, when screen goes off it stops working showing me " cannot find army window " and 4 min after that it reboot the emulator.
  5. You can join my clan, Send me PM in discord: Amine Kun#2683
  6. Nice bro, Send me PM on discord, so I can add you to my channe Nice bro, Send me PM on discord, so I can add you to my channel
  7. You're in bro, send me PM with you're player tag & you're discord acc
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