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  1. Many big thx for ur hard work bro 😍🌺 Would it be possible to make the new Pirate Scenery
  2. Thank you for ur hard work 🥰🌸 wish to see v 7.8.8 soon 🙏
  3. Big thx bro , fast update as usual with hard work , I have one question I am using bot now for push up almost 2 years using csv queen gambit edrag in legend league I have 8 accounts and I have no problems with switching accounts , my main problem is timing every day league start at 9 am and all attacks finished at 6pm , using last bot high performance gaming pc I unchecked most things may take time like builder base clan games , in main village just tick collect resources only even request I keep it empty . is there any thing Or setting can make bot more faster ? 🥰🙏
  4. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/53589-ℹ️-guides-index-ℹ️/
  5. 😓 ............ 🧐 big thx for all my bot team from my hard, to give us free bot free csv , advice, suggestions, help every thing 🥰 giving us bot after hard work and times spending hours and days . thank you will not be enough for them , I wish from all players at least donate for the server . 💞 at least.
  6. Exactly, have u seen any changes in this bot than 7.8.5 specially in switching speeds? I don’t , I am using this bot hopping to figure any thing might speed accounts switching cues using 8 accounts in legend league any help 🙈😍
  7. Delete bot start with new one chose shared prefs to switch the accounts , UN check smart switch will work 100% . if not use official bot , wish u good luck
  8. Amazing work I need fast switching accounts in legend league 🥰🙏
  9. It seems ur new to bot I advise u to read more and more https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/5-the-how-to-guides/
  10. 280 army 8 gaint 100 brb 100 arc rest goblins my best components
  11. U can do this with 2 or more bot so the bots will not take time cues both r donations I did this 2 years ago with 3 bots using vps but it will cost u ✋
  12. Work fine with me on my 8 account with shared pref just uncheck the smart switch.
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