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  1. I am almost max th 14 using smart farm super barber,G+E 900000 trophy 2200 to 2700 work amazing 👌
  2. Only the fruitful tree is thrown stones, so I know that if you are harmed by speaking, you are ... a distinguished, fruitful and successful person👍🌷
  3. I am using 60 super barb with zap , smart farm, dead base trophy 2000/2500 , I stop playing one week ago no builders available 🤣🤣🤣🙈 walls full max 🙈😍
  4. Keep Trophy 2000 to 2500 if ur in th 12/13/14
  5. Use sneaky goblins with jump 🙈
  6. Because it’s not working in background, screen pop up every time switch accounts or few minutes for some reason, wish to fix it in new version 🙏🌷
  7. U have to read 🙈 https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/5-the-how-to-guides/
  8. I ve seen same issue few months ago , U have to read more 🌷 https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/5-the-how-to-guides/
  9. From bot attack option chose range of trophy u want ,like minimum 2000 max 2500 . hope I answered ur questions 🙏
  10. Coco take ur time and write full questions, so u get best answer 😍🌷
  11. Go : Bot ,dead base ,attack in middle u will see max side attack chose 4 😍 that’s it
  12. Try unchecked smart switch and save ur settings 😍🌷
  13. Yes me 2 even with lvl 70 , it take time after th destruction, I am sure all will be fix with new version 😍🙏
  14. It has options to improve get xp speed. Like Skip Drag, Fast SuperXP, Skip Zoomout + farm xp only.
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