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  1. Use shared prefs I have no problem switching 8 accounts
  2. Delete bot, restart pc and setup new bot with all ur 6 accounts one by one . good luck 🌷
  3. Right click and extract the folder on desktop, if u unable use winrar more batter than winzip This will help setting up account
  4. Welcome bro , from th 6 or 7 and above , my experience with bot i ve been using bot for the past 4 to 5 year’s
  5. Today after the maintenance break , League Day ended already! Still having 5 attacks remains in my 8 accounts, I did restart my pc more than 10 times nothing changes. pls any help , thanks
  6. U should read and learn more about setting and using cvs I ve used this cvs when I was th11
  7. Can u pls fix League day end and still i have attack remaining in the new 7.9
  8. I still have the same problem even with 7.9 today any solution pls🌷 Pc restarted 5 times but still 1 attack left in 3 accounts 🥲
  9. Use queen gambit 👌
  10. Pls next time just search and read the forum 🙏 go to village , req , Only take chose any 👌
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