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  1. How to make this work with account switch when out or troops ? I tryed having a look into the file but i'm lost @almdudler seems to be in vacantion
  2. Req and leave Is there any script/compilation that's adequate for req and leave ? Has to keep chat open and donate within 5 seconds or less from request, must not donate to elder coleader or leader. Thanks.
  3. I don't think you've read the whole post. And radioactive no offence but you didn't understand some of the points i posted or the reason behind them.
  4. Improved donations I have a few suggestions to improve donations. 1. During my time of multi account botting i never had to use different keywords for troops/spells for donation requests. It would be more friendly if the keywords for donating a troop or to not donate to these keywords would be allowed to be shared between all accounts and all profiles, while you can still enable troops to be donated individually. Maybe edit a global dictionary that is used by default on all profiles, but you can manually edit one profile to change a troop manually if you desire. 2. Allow a much larger and smarter dictionary. For example, when donating loons i have it donate to "loon" but i have to put on not donate to : 1,2,3,4,5,one,two,three,four,five because somebody might ask for "lava + 2 loons" and i don't want to mess him up filling with loons. But then when another asks for "loons with 2 freeze" i will not donate to him since it has the banned keyword "2". A really cool way would be to save all the custom donation messages in a list, and you can manually select the meaning of the text by selecting the troops. As an example if my explanation it's not good enough, every time somebody requests with a message that's not stored in the list, add it to the list of custom donation requests. So during the day it gets filled with "pekka ice 2 freeze ww" ; "1 dragon with anything else" ; "edrag with 2 loons" and so on. And you can then go into each custom message and select 1 pekka, 1 ice golem, 2 freeze spells, 1 wrecker, and so on for each. 3. Allow filling of partial filled cc. If somebody asks for golem with 2 giants, and he received a golem already, when clicking on the donation it is visible that the golem was already filled, and only needs 2 more giants. So fill those 2 only. 4. Even with donate only and donate like crazy, the bot only peeks once at clan chat for donation requests. Have it peek more often ^^ At least if "donate only" it's enabled, that means donation it's high priority. So first action when logged into bot: check clan chat for donations. Then go through collecting resources and so on but identify when the tiny red notification shows for a new message in clan chat, and when it appears, break any current cycle and go check if there's a donation request. It's wasted alot of time collecting resources and looking at troops several times, when all those seconds can be used instead to peek for donation requests. 5. Replace "waiting for x seconds" where x is a custom time interval in settings, with idling in clan chat taking ss and checking for donation requests. 6. After some troops get donated from queued army, go into training page and retrain them, then drag them in the right training position when possible. While having an army with a bit of everything to cover as many donations as possible, you will end with a large troop bar otherwise. For example, if your army has 20 giants 10 bowlers, 8 loons, 8 wizzards your bar if it's not tidy will end up as: 4 giants, 2 bowlers, 7 loons, 2 wiz, 8 giants, 4 bowlers, 1 loon, 8 giants, 4 bowlers. 6 wiz. 7. If you messed up the donation settings somewhere, for example you forgot "donate giants to all" enabled, you can leave a trustworthy member a keyword that he can type in chat which will disable all donations on all profiles until you come online to check what's wrong. Like you set keyword 2fjt234zkd and as soon as it's detected in a donation request, all donations stop and maybe give a sound alert too.
  5. Donate only, single army So i'm running 2 accounts in the bot, both with donate only and donate like crazy enabled. I don't have double train enabled because i have a bit of everything in the army composition and that will make trouble. However, the bot goes through the cycle of "training army before attack" before noticing that the "donate only" mode it's on. Which makes the bot train second army when i don't want one.
  6. Clan recruitment in global chat Any chance the bot could write a custom message to global chat once in a full moon ?
  7. Doesn't that happen currently ? I'm running 2 accounts and i think the account it's switched after one is on break.
  8. awesome idea, you can even choose to target either eagle or de storage ^^ Or if you have a CSV set to attack from DE storage side, you can drop the ww in perfect line with the de storage to increase chances your units are funneled towards it.
  9. I actually like the idea, i tryed using quick train but stoped for this exact problem. If you could use quick train - previous army, and the trained units are dragged in the correct order then it's a bit faster and efficient.
  10. @FliegerfaustI can give you a couple ideas I. For multi account botting i think it's more benefical to switch after 1 attack. Reasons: 1 and most significant - it's more efficient if more of your accounts are training troops rather than have one account doing 2 attacks and having to train 2 full armies while other account(s) have been sitting on full troops and full queued troops. While botting with 2 accounts, if switching to a fresh account during a busy hour and having to do 100+ searches to find your target you really want to switch to second account right away so the barracks on both accounts are always operational. 2. You have time to fill cc 3. The likelyhood your attack contains heroes it's higher since it's very likely when doing 2 attacks back to back at least the second one will contain no heroes. The only downside it's the 1 minute it takes to switch accounts, but as long as the barracks are operational that minute it's not noticeable. II. The "add random delay of x seconds" it's not quite as benefical imo. It's the "easy way" to make it look like you're not a bot or allow your pc to chill, but here's a more efficient idea: Rather than going through same cycle of collecting resources and so on until army is cooked, just set a time to check army ready and until then do nothing else than keep clan chat open and take a screenshot every 10-20 seconds checking for new donation requests. It's unnecessary to check lab and collect resources multiple times though the same cycle, if the "chores" were executed right once, there is nothing else productive to do than keep clan chat open and wait for donation requests. That way your pc chills and you don't click in a repetitive manner like a bot. If something is donated, train it back (if possible drag it in the right position in training queue) and go back to idleing in clan chat. III. And another big time sink. While Demen implemented a way for the bot to jump into attacking faster, it's still wasted alot of time after attack going through army check, resources collect, and so on an uneccesarry amount of times. Really after the attack it's done it should take just a few seconds to train army, check donations, request cc, and verify that the army being trained it's correct and switch directly to next account. Here's a logical scheme that i think should go faster: 1 login into the account. 2 check army ready 3 if double train enabled, check that troops are training twice 4 attack 5 after attack, collect resources, cart, check lab, train army (everything done a single time if it's succesfull) if errors like "clan chat did not open exit donate" the cycle can be done again. 6 switch account. As long as the loops are done a single time, and the "chores" are done single time and the account is switched after 1 attack, it's reached the maximum efficiency pretty much.
  11. High priority on new chat When we play manually, once we see the notification for new chat, we usually stop any action we were doing and see what was said or requested. The bot however has it's own cycle and will check the chat at set intervals of time. I propose the bot to be able to read when that red number appears for new chat, and see if it can fulfill a donation request. Maybe with a short cooldown in case there is intense chatting going on.
  12. Yeah i agree the cycle sequence it's very slow, can be optimized alot more for multi account botting. Manually you can be done with an account in 5 minutes (that's with 2 attacks done).
  13. Sound alert in cg The auto challange pick in cg it's not complex enough imo, there are some challanges that are easier to do, some that give more points, some troop challanges that you can't do with current army and so on. I propose introduction of a sound alert that will only check if there is no ongoing challange and no cooldown on selecting one.
  14. Scan for storages near red line In normal farming, if storages contain enough resources, scan for if they are close to red line and if they are, add deployment waypoints to them just like regular collectors.
  15. There is a mod that does that i think, AIO mod if i'm not mistaking.
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