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  1. My Donation not showing?

    he donated money to the forum i'm guessing
  2. negative values in gold collected in stats

    Yeah personally i'd also prefere (new values - old values) / time too. MBR coders want to see in that stat the efficiency in productivity of the bot, so they care about how much the bot steals, but players, myself included, don't want to know the technical side and I think they'd prefere to know the rate of progress of their village instead. Because the current stats don't seem to include resources lost in defence, you as a player might get a false idea about your village progress, since the bot might show a 1.500 DE gain per hour, but if you get attacked every time the shield runs out, you pretty much break even and make no progress. It's impossible to add shield as a resource spent in an attack, but it is a resource used by the bot. The resources lost in defence might be possible to include, but like i said i think easyest and most accurate shorter term stat it's just to show value difference from the starting moment to present. Well actually best would be to offer both stats ^^
  3. negative values in gold collected in stats

    If you pause the bot and then spend your resources when there's a free builder you get that. Not quite sure how that system works, i'm not a big fan of it at all in it's current form It calculates only what the bot steals and spends to show the efficiency of the bot only, but spending resources show up. I have suggested before the bot should show real profit instead, but it didn't seem to appeal the developers
  4. Battle error

    you need to add a debug file, hard for people to guess why you drop a wallbreaker.
  5. Drop trophies in builder base

    Woah, you the man, i'll give it a try
  6. Not a bad idea, ik what you're talking about the bot ocasionally mistype plus the delay in typing +1
  7. I personally didn't monitor this exact problem but i did see a greately decrease in number of attacks done over a large enough sample with 7.6.0+. Didn't have time to investigate where was the problem but i am currently using a lower version with aio mod 1.8.5 which performs exactly what i'd expect (around 17-18 attacks per 10 hours while 7.6.1 does about 10). I have some pc lag issues and assumed might be my computer fault and didn't want to investigate/report the problem since nobody else seemed to complain about something similar. Sorry i'm not very helpful in investigation, just wanted to point i also noticed there might be something that makes the bot less efficient than it should be. (me using 2 accounts in 1 bot)
  8. Suggestion! SmartZap.

    Yeah it's nice on lightning events plus sometimes the collectors are clumped and it's very profitable to cast lightning on a group.
  9. Drag donated troops from queue army in the right training possition So now that the original bot supports double train army, we can post suggestions to improve that component A problem of the current double train army and donation system, it's during donations, sometimes the army setup gets messed up, and bot has to remove partial trained armies and even delete trained troops from main army, loosing all the money invested in building them. The problem in a small example: Currently i'm attacking with 2 accounts both using a lava loon minion setup. Training order it's: 2 lava, 36 loons, 10 minions. Ideally i would like to donate only lava hounds, but I'm unable to since the bot doesn't support waiting for partially filled cc, only requesting if cc is partially filled.. However past that part .. when i donate 1 lava hound to my second account, one hound it's taken from my queued army and moved into main army. If another clan mate requests another lava (as long as i don't have a lava trained in the queued army) the lava is taken from main army again, and another one from queued army is moved to main army. Both times the bot will add to queue the donated troops. Problem now is, the queued army instead having the correct order with 2 lava hounds in front, will have loons first, followed by minions and 2 lava at end. So now if there's a 3rd lava request, when it's donated from main army, instead having a lava hound moved from queue army into main army, 6 loons will be moved. The bot will not notice, and add 3rd lava into the queued army. As main army completes, the bot notices the setup it's wrong, and deletes the whole queued army, deletes the extra loons, and adds everything in training as it should be. A fix could be: When the donated troops are added into training, perform an arranging of all queued troops and drag them in the correct order.
  10. Fine tune training order.

    Fine tune training order. There is a setting in the bot which allows you to set when the bot should attack (ie when the army is 60% complete). But that setting it's pretty much useless in the current training form since the armies are trained as: half army all giants, followed by half army all wizards. Or half army lava hounds, half army loons. So if you wanted to attack with a partial army, you might end up attacking with mostly tank units and barelly and dps behind it. But if the exact unit training order can be preset .. let's say 5 giants, 5 wizards, 5 giants .. and so on . then you can attack with partial armies and make use of that setting.
  11. Drop trophies in builder base

    Drop trophies in builder base I don't know if builder base suggestions can be added, because currently the bot doesn't try to win battles in builder base. However there is one need that i have and i imagine some others might have it aswell. And the scripting might be not very complicated for a scripter If you run multiple accounts and you want to have some progress in builder base, you really want to get your 3 wins with in a single clock boost and be done with the base for the day. But if you are at your top trophy limit you'll win about 50% of the fights, and some battles might extend for the full 4 minutes which eats from your clock boost. So an efficient way to get the wins faster is to drop some trophies, and increase your win rate when you attack for loot. It can also greatly help droping trophies before clan games. If possible, would be awesome to have an option in the cycle of the bot that goes in the builder village, starts one attack, drops a unit, quits and goes back at main village botting. It doesn't have to wait to drop all the trophies at once, just one attack when the army it's available. Manually droping trophies takes forever since you can only attack once ever 5 minutes or so.