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  1. I get that but only 1 time when i start the bot for the first time in the day, i think it's because it's timing out waiting for main screen and it takes too long to load. Try to pause the bot at "launch clash of clans now..." and unpause after it loaded and see if it works after. (temporary solution)
  2. The title says it all, if you use super gobs or super minions to farm, you'd love it if the bot rebuys the tech when expires.
  3. So i did the ice wiz event before by adding the png and using quick train, and it worked perfectly. Now i'm trying to do exactly the same thing with super minion, the bot detects the unit in the main army as super minion, detects 600/600 trained army, and when it goes to look at the troops in queue says "No troops detected!" and proceeds to delete everything in the queue for no reason. I didn't install latest version but if devs know nothing was changed there, they can look into it.
  4. Hi, just thought of this idea which personally would help my clan a fair bit since i hate running an open clan and also the active players looking for a clan usually send several requests in the same time, and first clan to accept them, they go there. So the idea is .. the bot to view clan join requests, then check for one or more criteria, and if the player meets those, click accept. At a quick thought, useful criteria could be: - town hall level - average donation/day (player id could be searched and found the time the account was created) - average attacks/da
  5. show screenshots with all the bot settings. It's very likely you set something wrong.
  6. You could also set to only donate the troops in slot 1, like i have 30 giants in first slot and i donate exclusively giants, and on top of that you could have "donate from queue troops only" for troops in second slot or higher.
  7. I don't know exactly how it works with the lightning spells and quick train but since i also use lightning i assumed in the first place that it won't work to add spells in the quick train army. Reason being, you rarely use all the lightning spells, and when the bot comes home and has all the troops gone, but some lightning spells left over, the option to click "train army in slot 1" should be grayed out. I didn't test it myself to see if it's how it works, i just used quick train without lightning spells since i simply assumed the bot might not know what to do and didn't want to ha
  8. the quick train and use the png in attack bar works with 7.8.8 I used it for the ice wiz event. Make a screenshot of you screen while the attack bar shows, cut just a tiny fragment of the special unit you want to deploy and rename it as a regular goblin or wiz or something that's not in your army. This is the file i used myself for ice wiz. I have no idea what the 90 / 92/ 97 numbers mean at the end, if somebody can explain the meaning of them would be awesome.
  9. Nvm, works fine in latest version of MBR ?
  10. @PriapusCraniumwhere is this mini gui thing ? :)
  11. It's a good idea, i'm in need of something similar. If you donate between accounts then if you have "wait for cc" enabled but the cc got killed in defence, the bot will skip attacking on that account. You could put your cc to sleep but maybe you want to defend with it or attack if available. Also currently at least for me the cc donation it's kinda buggy (7.8.5) and i didn't read in the changes that anything got fixed with that. So sometimes my accounts don't receive the troops. And would also be great if you could set the "request number of times" set to 1 so it will speed the cycle of g
  12. You need to setup the shared_prefs before it actually works. Go into each account and pull shared prefs individually.
  13. you can get banned at any point using the bot. Use at own risk :) That being said i only use shared_prefs for a couple years.
  14. Hi, i'm using giant wiz on all my accounts, and i'd love to switch to giant with party wiz for the whole event. Anybody can tell me how to make the bot run normal but with party wiz instead normal wiz pls ?
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