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  1. I don't know if it's a bug or user configuration error but: If you load more accounts into 1 bot, and in one account you set to attack both active and dead bases, and in one of them for example check "wait for clan castle" on live base attack, but it's unchecked in dead base attack, the bot will run around in a loop because the live base settings will tell the bot army it's not ready because it's missing clan castle, and then when the bot tryes to switch accounts, the bot says skip switching accounts because the settings for the dead base attack will give the message "Army is ready, skip switching accounts".
  2. I enabled that attack type for the event, but i checked one attack and noticed the troops are not deployed on one side, i also had the focus on elixir collectors enabled. I assumed the one side the bot will deploy the troops will be the side heavier on the elixir collectors.
  3. Since the patch the loot cart can be used as a safe way to store resources, it's not needed to collect it in the same time as resources from collectors. So the 2 options that are combined should be split.
  4. Yeah i hope somebody gets a quick fix for lightning training.
  5. With the upcoming improvement of the lightning spell, i think it makes sense to improve the zap ability of the bot to be able to zap groups of regular collectors or even single if it's profitable (after dark elixir collectors are gone).
  6. I use 6 2 8 3, saved it ages ago and i know it works 😄
  7. A question a little bit not so connected to the actual bot. So i noticed on streams that some players can use extended deployment bar and for them it cuts way less at the bottom that i get with nox player. Is there any way i can make it so i can zoom out more so i can also use extended bar in war attacks ? Thanks.
  8. If you're maxed in one of the bases you'd probably want an option to attack only once a day for the season points.
  9. The option to place the new buildings and to build suggested upgrades should be separate. I don't see why you'd want the bot to upgrade buildings if you only want it to place the new buildings. Also the system of putting buildings in queue that is available for normal village would be a nice addition in builder base.
  10. There is an option to drop trophy using heroes, but unless queen or warden are available, the other 2 will most likely get injuried as there is a couple second delay between the moment of deployment and surrender. So i suggest to either allow dropping trophies with selected heroes, or deploy heroes in a scanned "safe zone" instead same coordinates every time.
  11. Yeah some of them are skipped, remove them manually, it will work for some, won't work for others :) Hope it works flawless in the future.
  12. Is telegram supposed to work instantly when a notification condition is met ? I went through the telegram setup process for desktop, and put notification on for idle lab, but nothing happens when the lab is detected idle.
  13. The 8 max accounts per bot restriction originally comes from presumably being too hard to scroll down on the google accounts if you use google play as login. However for shared prefs i don't think there is any restriction, so the bot could have instead a scroll bar and you could add as many accounts as you wanted, as long as they use shared prefs.
  14. If you check wait for heroes (all of them) and the army it's fully completed, if it happens that your royal it's injuried, the bot will first see the royal it's not up, and try to switch account, but right before starting the switch account phase it will notice the army it's fully built so will skip switching accounts. I think with only with the royal it goes in circles, if other heroes are down it won't give the message "army it's ready skip switching account".
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