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  1. Mass spell cast. I'm curious if anybody experiences the same problem. Around 1 and half years ago when i found mybot, i wrote a giant wiz script with 3 rage 2 heals, it worked perfectly until one day maybe half year later when the bot got patched. Since then, that script or any other csv i tryed or wrote, has a problem with spells. The more spells are cast, the later ones get bigger and bigger delay or they're outright skipped. Only happens with spells not with troops. I wrote a mass minion/bat csv, lava loon with mass haste, ground attacks with heal and rage, and every time the later spells become more an more delayed or skipped. I don't see anybody complain about this, so must be some sort of pc not working well with the bot. I can't figure out why i can drop 140 units flawlessly, but spells have problems for around a year now.
  2. Maybe the bot window doesn't fit in the screen. Did you try what the bot suggested ? [0:14:18] Please set your Windows taskbar location to Right!
  3. [11:52:13] Chief, is your Army ready? No, not yet![11:52:13] Waiting for Heroes Check if you set the bot to close coc if you're out of shield or stay logged in. ( attack plan/train army/options)
  4. I'm no expert but it looks like it doesn't find memu emulator.
  5. Easy settings share and preview. So i used to play a million years ago a game called utopia, and there was a tool designed for it witch would allow "exporting" all the data about a target in a single line of characters. Something like %utopia%7a9thwlkjthw9g8p9su3eiubg34t8ng. You could send that in any chat app or forums and once copied into clipboard, the tool would popup a panel with all the data as normally displayed ingame so your average mortal can read it. Same could be developed in the bot, a code which can export all the settings (minus custom csv's) and people could activate said settings directly or just preview them when somebody requests for help. Maybe even go as far as allowing to share settings with activation enabled, which once imported not only would change the bot settings, but would prompt you to insert the url to custom csv which would be loaded directly into the csv folder.
  6. Perhaps you enabled "donate only" ? Can you share bot settings screenshot ?
  7. You set the bot to expect to get 30 troops (units) of any kind. Since it doesn't get what it expects, it removes unwanted cc. Let the settings to any and 0
  8. I assume you can just set the bot to attack within a certain trophy range, and switch to attack with wall breakers only until you're where you want it to be If you want a workaround, still you'd need to modify the troops after.
  9. Donation dictionary Every time i make a new csv/new army composition i have to enable different donation troops and keywords, which is kinda tedious especially if i have to go back and forth between profiles to check the full lists of donation keywords and blacklisted words. So i make a couple suggestions to improve that part of the bot: 1. Have 2 options on each profiles when it comes to donations. 1. Use specific donation setup (as it is now) or use the "sharable keywords" setup which would work on any profile that has it enabled. All you'd have to do after you enable it, is select which troops are allowed to be elabled for donations. For example for wizards i would want it to be donated on: wiz, anything, any ground, defence, defense and blacklisted on: 1,2,3, one,two,three,pekka,ice,golem,giant,air,strong,dark,yeti,hog,bow,witch,miner,baby,valk. If i have to write those for every new profile, every new patch and so on it gets tedious and easy to make mistakes. 2. Selected dictionary keywords can be enabled to work only if found as stand alone words and not part of words. For example i want to be able to donate electro dragons on "ed rage ss" request and not on "ahmed give me pekka". Delimiters can be start or end of a row or spaces and keywords to be treated as single words could be marked between %, like %ed% in the previous example. The whole suggestion comes as a clanmate requesting for something last night then he wrote msss at the end, which would be equivalent of tyyy .. and he was yelling at me for donating slammer 3 times in a row 3. Save donation request type in a file. Maybe 2 files, one with having requests sorted alphabetically and other sorted by user who requested. That way you can improve your sharable keywords dictionary to include/exclude more keywords. For example: Lucas's requests: ed rage pls elerss flying shit electrorage looooooons raaaageeeee Maxim's requests: anything that flies air rage giant pekka 1 giant ice golem rage wreck war And i could establish which of those keywords to include in the electro dragon's donation and which in loons. 4. Easy to export/import dictionary when a new patch arrives. 5. Perhaps allow partial filling ? On requests such as "2 ice 2 giants", if you have set to donate 2 giants on requests as "2 giants" (as a single word), the bot could fill up to 2 giants on the request.
  10. It works for me. Even with screen saver on, logged off and monitor off. (windows 7)
  11. Smooth profile transition Currently i stop and start the bot with different attacking settings, depending of the resource i need or the current ongoing event. But if i don't want the bot to delete a valid full trained army i have to attack manually first target i find and then use the bot with the new setup. I propose the ability to have the bot auto switch with condition either certain resource under or over a limit, or preset timing (for example tomorrow at 8 am auto switch). That way the bot would auto switch to a dark elixir farming profile if you wish to do so, after starting queen upgrade for example. Or you can automatically switch to the dragon loon csv tomorrow for the dragon event. The bot would run on the current setup, use the last army, and after that auto load the new setup. Also would be nice for multi account botting if you could switch all your equal th level attacking plans to one, instead making a profile for each account. (Use the "old town" layout and such, just switch the troop and spell composition and deployment to an universal setup so it's easy to switch to event armies.
  12. BB remove obstacles Right now the bot it detects if builder is available in bb, and if it finds at least 1 tree, it will start to remove it, then go back to main village. If the worker was busy for 5 days, there are maybe 15 obstacles that need removing. So what i suggest is, when a builder is available, to scan the whole base and remove all obstacles. Also make it look for clock tower boost before that
  13. You don't really need to set a hard timing for the bot to check the base, like every 12 hours. The bot should use clock boost, do it's attacks, and when it's detected all loot for the day was collected, and no free workers/lab any time soon, then not check bb in that account for several hours. And then only quickly jump in to collect resources.
  14. Oh cheers I noticed after a pc restart last night the bat spells are trained normal today, not quite sure what to believe of that.
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