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  1. How to make this work with account switch when out or troops ? I tryed having a look into the file but i'm lost @almdudler seems to be in vacantion
  2. Req and leave Is there any script/compilation that's adequate for req and leave ? Has to keep chat open and donate within 5 seconds or less from request, must not donate to elder coleader or leader. Thanks.
  3. Clan recruitment in global chat Any chance the bot could write a custom message to global chat once in a full moon ?
  4. Long term stats. I look very often at the stats page, that's my main indicator that the bot it's functioning correctly. Unfortunatelly in one of the last patches the bot got changed so if you stop the bot to do something manually, when you press start again (without closing the bot) the income/hour displayed it's not accurate anymore. I propose a stat to be saved locally in a file with income per active hour of botting, per account, so we can get a good idea how much we've got botting this week or month and so on.
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