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  1. Drag donated troops from queue army in the right training possition So now that the original bot supports double train army, we can post suggestions to improve that component A problem of the current double train army and donation system, it's during donations, sometimes the army setup gets messed up, and bot has to remove partial trained armies and even delete trained troops from main army, loosing all the money invested in building them. The problem in a small example: Currently i'm attacking with 2 accounts both using a lava loon minion setup. Training order it's: 2 lava, 36 loons, 10 minions. Ideally i would like to donate only lava hounds, but I'm unable to since the bot doesn't support waiting for partially filled cc, only requesting if cc is partially filled.. However past that part .. when i donate 1 lava hound to my second account, one hound it's taken from my queued army and moved into main army. If another clan mate requests another lava (as long as i don't have a lava trained in the queued army) the lava is taken from main army again, and another one from queued army is moved to main army. Both times the bot will add to queue the donated troops. Problem now is, the queued army instead having the correct order with 2 lava hounds in front, will have loons first, followed by minions and 2 lava at end. So now if there's a 3rd lava request, when it's donated from main army, instead having a lava hound moved from queue army into main army, 6 loons will be moved. The bot will not notice, and add 3rd lava into the queued army. As main army completes, the bot notices the setup it's wrong, and deletes the whole queued army, deletes the extra loons, and adds everything in training as it should be. A fix could be: When the donated troops are added into training, perform an arranging of all queued troops and drag them in the correct order.