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  1. Dead base detection by elixir storage I think dead base is currently defined a base with collectors over what it's set in collectors level. The options to choose from are 50% full or 100% full. However i notice very often during search, villages with 300-400k elixir and completely empty storages, which the bot considers not dead base. Would it be possible to scan for completely empty elixir storage ? Gold storage it's harder to see if it's completely empty, but elixir level might be easyer.
  2. Fast account switch option (for double train army mods)

    I think the most i saw was 3 attacks in a row on same account, but i didn't check circumstances. But even 2 attacks, If first attack was unlucky to find a target after many searches, and second army it's near complition, it's probably more efficient if there was an option to allow to donate, train, request cc, and switch to a different account right away.
  3. Fast account switch option (for double train army mods) For switching accounts, there are 2 options: Normal switch, which detects when training time on current account it's too high and will jump to next account on queue And smart switch which detects when training time on current account it's too high and will check which account has army completed/ lowest remaining time. But both options will remain stuck on current account for a while if your search settings find a target after many attempts. For example, with 2 accounts only, if both have 2 full armies, the bot will attack with first account, and trains a fresh army, but instead switching so the first army on second account gets used, and barracks on both accounts are working, the bot will stay on current account since it detects 2nd army complete. So in the end account 1 will have 2 armies used, and all this time second account was idle with 2 armies. So a 3rd option would be nice to have, which prioritizes switching accounts if other accounts also have completed army. (or modify the current "smart switch" to prioritize switching since well .. it's smarter ^^)
  4. I thought about that problem yesterday aswell .. i run 2 accounts, and i tryed with and without smart train but it works about the same. A 3rd option to switch to next account on queue right after this account was checked (and attacked with) would be nice.
  5. Zap phase ending early

    Zap phase ending early Running with a giant/archer/lightning army for the event, and i see zap it's not working for me as it used to. Untouched de drills, only get zaped once and the bot considers them destroyed. I had to manually zap it 2 more times so the hp was definately high. I tryed noob zap with 250/250 in settings, and also smart zap with only zap in dead bases checked. Also tried with zap for the win checked and th snipe not zap checked, none of them work right for me anymore. Edit: after removing "only zap dead bases" (i only attack dead bases anyway) and selecting noob zap with 0/0 settings, the zaps are all cast. Will play around with the settings some more
  6. Unable to mod the bot

    You are trying to compile the compiled (.exe) file Edit the au3 files and you can compile those.
  7. Try to remove the exe file, and compile the au3 file yourself (as x86)
  8. need help in itools

    No experience there but the window should be 860x732 See if you can set that resolution manually before you start the bot.
  9. I think it will be slightly better organized if it's on the same tab as "wait for heroes to be ready", if there's space for it
  10. standard attack going crazy after a while

    You can also try to change red line detection to "use external edges"
  11. Cannot find Army Window...

    You might have interfered with your pc when the bot tryed to click on the army window, and it didn't manage to open it. When it happened to me, the bot manages to find a way to get unstuck, either abandoning checking if the army window opened, or just restarting coc.
  12. @jackdao Since you're the only one with such a report, i think you can assume it's more likely something wrong on your end. Try to restart bot, pc, if that doesn't work maybe reinstall. I played a bit within the files so i don't have the original AIO mod, but i did get a couple times error about army not being complete. In one case, manually removing "wait for cc spell" for one attack then putting it back seemed to work. In other case a computer restart did the work. Try both options see if it unblocks for you.
  13. BOT wont start BlueStacks

    Try to restart your pc, maybe that helps. To upload screenshots, you can look into downloading imgsnapper. We can't guess which part doesn't work right, if it's the emulator, try to uninstall it and reinstall.
  14. Wall/Building Upgrading Priority Option

    @TripleM What about the bot planning next building upgrades, and considering the estimated profit/hour the bot stops investing into walls when it calculates it needs to go into "saving mode". Example: Next building planned costs 5 million gold, and the second one in line costs 3 million. First worker available is in 5 hours, second one 2 hours after. Storages are full. Average profit/hour 500k / 500k. The bot will calculate it makes 2.5 million gold in the next 5 hours and could spend currently 7.5 million on walls, but for the second worker it needs another (3 mil needed - 1 mil potential stolen in the 2 hours) so another 2 million. Which means the bot can spend 5.5 mil gold and all elixir in walls and go into saving mode. In 5 hours if the estimation it's correct the bot will have around 7 million, spend 5 on the first building, and with the 2 mil remaining and 1 mil incoming, have 3 mil for second building. Quite complex but well i hate wasting resources and building time ^^ Note: loot/hour currently displayed in the bot's main page it's very different than real profit/hour since it doesn't include usual loses.
  15. Infinite 'Memu is running in window mode'

    I have seen many complaints lately about memu, did you consider trying nox/bluestacks ? Probably not the answer you're looking for but those seem to get less negative reports