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  1. DUC4TI

    Bot Suche startet nicht

    Ein Tipp... benutze auch ein paar Riesen, die dir das Sperrfeuer der Magiertürme ein wenig vom Leib hält... und statt nur Erdbeben mach lieber eine Kombination von Blitz und EB für Smart-zap
  2. DUC4TI

    Bot kick immer meine CB truppen

    Ich kann ihn reproduzieren...
  3. DUC4TI

    Bot kick immer meine CB truppen

    Hmm... das kenne ich doch irgendwo her??
  4. DUC4TI


    Was ich jedem mit diesem Problem sage... alle Virus-Programme, Malware-Programme, Norton, McAffee, Kaspersky, Defender und sonstigen Tod und Teufel deaktivieren und dann wird es funktionieren... so Gott will
  5. DUC4TI


    yes... this is the most likely reason for any authentication problems
  6. DUC4TI

    I cannot login to the bot

    appears to be down for a few... and most likely it is an issue caused by some virus-detection, malware-detection, firewall, defender, Norton Anti-Internet etc, etc... most of them, who had this problem are running the bot again after switching off all distracting background apps.
  7. DUC4TI

    I cannot login to the bot

    no... simply no...
  8. I suggest to NOT overwrite old installations... delete the old one and make it new
  9. I suggest to update to V7.7.4
  10. DUC4TI

    Bot activity

    what are you talking about... ? You'd better take a closer look on the latest release which is downloadable since 8.4.2019
  11. DUC4TI

    Couple quick bugs

    You can use the workaround even with double train... will not comment the other "bug" reports again...
  12. DUC4TI

    (help)Mybot don't login to mybot.run account .

    Try to switch off all kind of Firewall, Windows defender, virus-detection, other malware detection, etc, etc... In most cases it solves all login problems
  13. DUC4TI

    Couple quick bugs

    workaround: don't train with double train army... set 4 WW and 2 slammers in your train tab... it will fill the queue like you want it to be Sorry but... the bot will not be rewritten, because your PC's problems... This is not a bug... and the train order works perfect in a healthy environment. Rather try to figure why your PC is laggy uhm... so this is a factor for you? How much time do you lose because of this? In my case the deleting is so fast that I don't have the chance to stop the bot to prevent deleting, if I accidentally started the bot with my war army ready to raid...
  14. DUC4TI

    Defense request troops

    it's helpful in its own special way... Golem can't kill the queen but it impedes the attacking army for a long while and that's what a defense is good for... btw. try to kill a golem with poison spell...
  15. DUC4TI

    Defense request troops

    I still don't get why I have to take some special or different troop into CC for defense... like it would make any difference what CC-troop is defending