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  1. Help & Support is only for the genuine MBR. Ask for help in the MOD section where this mod is coming from
  2. so a mix of two languages in one message... yeah... that looks really genuine for me
  3. better use shared_prefs for switching accounts
  4. Yeah... this must be the reason why none of us has a working account any more
  5. what a naive BS... they banned hundreds of maxed TH12 bases after they caught them cheating like morons... so called pro players and clans who were in the WC qualifying and in highest CW leagues... a multi billion dollar company does give a crap on your 5,49€ or dollars or whatever... but if you think, you are safe, if you buy some gems... Well !! ALL GOOD! what do we even care??
  6. why should SC need to give out that warning at all? to give us a fair chance to stop botting and change to the "good side" again? If they are planning a mass ban wave then why warning the delinquents? "We know, you are cheating... but we let you go for now... but in three weeks we will catch you" yes... my butt Only kids are getting scared by such "warnings"
  7. no... only morons would interpret my statements like this...
  8. I seriously don't care what they do... You will find dozens of my statements where I say that it is NOT safe to break the rules and that nobody will get a guarantee by anyone to be safe using this bot... DO WHAT YOU WANT... got it now?
  9. please note that my post is related to the statement above Don't you too find it suspicious that after the SC announcement has been released people instantly claimed that they were banned regardless of the fact that SC didn't even install their mysterious detection system... Well I think we have some attention wh**** within this community. But what do I know...
  10. especially since SC stated that their new detecting system is not even installed yet
  11. open CoC with an iPhone... you will see the picture I used
  12. then stop botting immediately... i'm serious... you are still waiting for someone to give you a 100% guarantee that it is absolutely safe to go on botting... No, it isn't... STOP at once and play on manually if you are having fun with it... prove me wrong
  13. take a closer look, who I quoted...
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