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  1. We are aware of that and the fix is underway. stay patient.
  2. the beta is not for public use...
  3. There won't be any "statement" about SC ban policy by any dev... you use this bot on your own risk. You have to decide if you take the risk or not. If you think that it isn't worth it, play manually... If you want to take that risk, never complain about the consequences.
  4. donating fix is in beta status... stay patient
  5. yes... completely unusual that bot is behaving "weird"... we never experienced this after a CoC Update...
  6. the update is a few hours old... so do you expect the bot to be updated within a blink of an eye? If you don't feel comfortable with the bot... stop it and play manually for heavens sake
  7. please don't spread fake news like this... the community is upset enough without such BS
  8. Account sharing is of course completely unproblematic... nobody has ever been banned for that... And most likely this "verified guy" uses MyBot.run too... very smart solution, really
  9. this is what I agree with... not more nor less
  10. no need to PM you... either you share your thoughts with everyone or not but I don't start private conversations about this... you are only speculating and currently nobody knows exactly what causes the ban... If your theory is right, then there wouldn't be a single working MyBot account any more... since everybody uses this training feature... me included.
  11. no need to open a new thread for this... there are already more of them
  12. So how do you explain the fact that I am not banned too?
  13. I doubt... So everybody who use QT would also be instantly banned... people who hold the icon to train a queue full of the same troop would also be banned instantly...
  14. it is easy to find "dead" bases when you know the MyBot definition of "dead"... dead does not mean abandoned... it means that mines and collectors are full. Even active bases can have full storages so that you cannot collect the resources from mines and collectors after a few days these active bases look like dead bases but they are not dead at all...
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