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  1. DUC4TI

    7.6.5 bugs report

    Bot is waiting for Siege Machine but SiegeMachine is already in his slot...
  2. DUC4TI

    7.6.5 bugs report

    I have another bug to report... You can see more than one WallBraker in queue but bot logs "No siege Machine available"
  3. DUC4TI

    7.6.5 bugs report

    I'm stuck in a "Try second village measuring" loop...
  4. I am not a dev and I don't know why it works for me but not for you...
  5. DUC4TI

    unsupported MEmu version (!

    this means that you are using the wrong MEmu Version... How about reading some instructions before using this pretty item? 5.2.3 is the last supported version... so delete your and install the correct one
  6. DUC4TI

    7.6.5 bugs

    gern geschehen
  7. DUC4TI

    7.6.5 bugs

    OK... go to Village --> Req. & Donate --> Request Troops have a look on the drop down menus ... make sure that all of them have "any" selected"
  8. YES I DID EXACTLY WHAT YOU SUGGESTED AND STILL THE SAME PROBLEM !! WHAT NOW?? btw... is it really necessary to use font size 22?
  9. DUC4TI

    V7.6.5 Can't switch between SC ID accounts

    i guess you cannot mix up google login and SC-ID
  10. it still doesn't work properly... I tried a few new coordinates but still there is some weird pixel-color EDIT: The most interesting thing is: When I check "click" in debug tab and hover the request button, it shows correct values... the value of pixel 761:592 is #FFFFFF (white) the value of pixel 761:605 (+13) is #2EC47B (green) So what is going on on the way from checking the pixel-color to this error message?
  11. DUC4TI

    7.6.5 bugs

    you use your old profiles, don't you? delete the profiles folder and start setting up from scratch
  12. I had the same error before... it looks like the zooming-issue is not completely solved yet... I set the value of $color1 to +13 instead and it seems to work now... but we all have to wait a few days to have it completely tested
  13. could you also use the normal font size please? No reason to fill the complete screen with your single post
  14. yes... any for all selections and "if less than (your cc capacity)"
  15. Go to VILLAGE --> Req & Donate --> request troops and look what is selected under "When lacking" if you don't want the bot to delete the CC troops select "any" in all three dropdown menus... the same with spells