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  1. Mybot ->> Village ->> Misc ->> click on the icon with the X over the tiny TH and all buildings will be relocated... follow the instructions on the screen
  2. You don't need to compile into exe... simply double-click the MyBotrun.au3 and watch the bot working
  3. yes... I don't use MEmu any more since everyone is suffering from that issue... the only thing that works currently is switching to bluestacks, Nox or whatever else... saying that... even nox has this problem randomly 1st of all... I am NOT your baby... If you want help, stay polite and don't call people names 2nd... You are wrong... I don't use 7.7.6 3rd... I recommend to delete the whole old MyBot folder before running a new version.
  4. this was already fixed with 7.7.6... you have an old Bot version installed
  5. a. lazy b. stupid c. both choose an option
  6. DUC4TI

    New Update

    If you could type this above you also can type the code into the script... don't be that lazy
  7. New 7.7.7 will not support new LL mode (yet)
  8. So it looks like you will have to do a good old "handjob"... The Legend league is a very special mode which is not supported by MyBot (yet)
  9. DUC4TI

    New Update

    oh, thank you for your permission... I appreciate this honestly
  10. DUC4TI

    New Update

    why not? That's the only fun I have these days
  11. DUC4TI

    New Update

    that's what we do
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