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  1. Hi after using your advise now i can running Bluestack on my AWS VPS btw i am using bluestack 2.6.105 since you are the one who help me to install bluestack on my AWS you can have the bounty if you want, just pm or reply here will send it anyway thank you, i am very appreciated it
  2. that will be too expensive ,
  3. hi thank you for replying, yes already try to install newest bluestack several time on several instance, but always failed, thats why created this bounty thread, do you have any experience to install on aws?? since i always get this error message Its said to disable Hyper V, but its not even enabled on aws, make me confused,
  4. (BUY) (Bounty) Install Bluestack to AWS Hi guys can someone help me to install bluestack on AWS that have 4 core?? I can running any instance except the one with GPU card, the price is 30$ but its negotiable I am sorry if i post in wrong thread, but after some search i still cant found any marketplace sub forum, so i decide to post it here Thats all thank you
  5. Best Android Emulator For VPS Without Graphic Card Hi can someone tell me the best Android Emulator For VPS Without Graphic Card ?? since atm i only can install Bluestack, and wonder if there is more emulator that can be installed on VPS , thats all , thank you