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  1. thecrypy

    Mybot Telegram option

    Mybot Telegram option Hi guys im trying to add this awesome funtion to my phone but i have a problem. I follow the steps in the tutorial and it works! The bot screens me before atacks but is the only think it do. I try to add the custom keyboard that i´ve seen of someone because i dont know if im putting bad the commands but nothing works haha, and I've seen in another post that putting the command keyb would be fixed but not the bot dont say the command is incorrect like when i put a bad command but it dont do nothing If someone can help me I will be very grateful
  2. thecrypy

    When i minimize the bot stop works

    hum yes it was background mode and not working. Today i download the bot again change the emulators and finaly works xD
  3. thecrypy

    When i minimize the bot stop works

    No error just it stops work ... if is in searching or in other side it just dont do nothing untill i unminimize it again
  4. When i minimize the bot stop works Hi guys when i minimize the bot it stop works. This is anoying because i cant use the pc when bot i try active aero but it doesn´t work neither... Thanks
  5. 2 Accounts th10 with more or less the same i was in your clan 2 monts ago but i was unactive. King and archer i think lvl 30 or less im boting 24/7