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  1. firstly thanks a lot for keeping the mod working. all other mods just disappeared over time. now for my problems. 1. the bot doesnt donate haste most of the time. 2. doesnt reload traps, and xbows after being attacked.
  2. After getting my warden the bot usually doesn't drop all my rage spells. Any idea about why this is happening.
  3. @Z E C Kmate your script is perfect. I use it for exclusively for farming in the crystal league. i am still using 6.4.1 and have just shifted to th11. the composition i use is 1 lava 36 loons and 15 minions. this uses very little DE. could you please modify the csv to suppot 40 loons as it only supports 36 loons at the moment. I am a great fan of your work. why have your csv disappeard from the csv section? it was really tough tracking you down.