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  1. i have "any" selected for research. the bb lab is working fine but the normal village lab seems to be broken. gives me a message about cant find 2nd page though the bot easily slides through all the pages.
  2. same problem in official too. bot doesnt train troops in donate only accounts.
  3. get a life bro. there are 3 mods in total and none of them have updated to 7.7.4. There must be a reason for that right. use some of that brain that is between your ears,if there is anything there. for heaven sake just use the official one if you are in such a hurry.
  4. Do you want to setup your Builder base or you want to setup another account in the same bot to switch accounts and play?
  5. just 1 instead of 4400 and it will always attack. that what i do.