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  1. Florence666

    smartzap not working

    Did you change the army capacity now? Also make sure you select lightening in the 'Attack' tab... Or use all spells etc... Select it all *Click 'Force Brew Spells' on the army train window. *Relocate all buildings *Pull Shared_prefs *Save Close and restart bot. Not saying this will work but give it a try. Your zap settings are fine from what I can see.
  2. Florence666

    smartzap not working

    Hi, You haven't specified how big your army camp is in total on the bot. Also click the 'Background Mode' on to avoid any more issues. Could you share the Army Window screen you would use for smart zap rather than the csv please. Also the smart zap settings.
  3. Florence666

    Any Solutions?

    Hey @Steve Austin Are you saving the SCID each time after you set them up on Nox? Also have you tried using Shared_Prefs...i strongly recommend using this method. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/33402-how-to-switch-accounts-using-shared_prefs-switch-guide/