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  1. Florence666

    Farming Barb detected more than capacity

    Ok, right...i'm going to copy these settings and try it out because i'm stumped. What attack strategy? Standard? Smart farm? :) Ok @ctina I was getting your problem mixed up with the original poster. I will test this on smart farm going by your image.
  2. Florence666

    Farming Barb detected more than capacity

    Ah sorry i missed that. Is this happening on the latest version also? As that's 7.6.6
  3. Florence666

    Farming Barb detected more than capacity

    Hey @ctina Are you still using Quick Train? Try un-checking that. I cant see why you're getting the problem other than that option which i don't use.
  4. No extra settings...straight out of the box Personally my favourite is Nox I have 7 instances set up with them. But i try different emulators to discover any problems etc...
  5. Florence666

    bot is not using seige machines and cc troops while attacking

    Also looks like the CSV you're using might need updating. Perhaps it doesn't support Siege Machine Deployment?
  6. Hey Mitzu2250, Below is the only Bluestacks emulator i use and have been for months...maybe years now. Please give it a try. BlueStacks App Player https://filehippo.com/download_bluestacks_app_player/70935/
  7. Florence666

    cant find army window

    Hey Natanel... Close the bot...go to Profiles\MyVillage\config.ini...change adb click enabled to 1 if that doesn't work... Try using MEmu 3.6.9...works very well no problems. https://filehippo.com/download_memu/80866/
  8. Florence666

    High cpu usage

    What shows up on your Task Manager? Is it the bot itself taking up the cpu or another program.? I know Windows defender eats the cpu
  9. Florence666

    Error Supercell Id

    Used Shared_prefs and all will be good! https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/33402-how-to-switch-accounts-using-shared_prefs-switch-guide/
  10. Florence666

    how to remove sound

    Turn sound off
  11. Florence666

    How do u make bot use all troops in army

    Are you using Smart Farm? Csv? Standard attack?
  12. Florence666

    Farming Barb detected more than capacity

    I'm using Nox also...and running an Barch account but working fine for me. Can i suggest you stop using 'Quick Train' and using standard train instead. You can use double train army also. Also...if not already done so...Update to the latest Version of MBR 7.6.6
  13. Florence666

    Bot switching problem

    Guys... I would recommend using Shared_prefs for switching accounts. Much easier. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/33402-how-to-switch-accounts-using-shared_prefs-switch-guide/
  14. In the Misc section where you relocate the buildings... On the far right is a TH with a red Cross... Click that, your bot will restart and you can then relocate the buildings from a fresh. Shown here
  15. Florence666

    Best Settings / Emulator

    Thanks very much... I'm just testing out memu 2.5 again as bluestacks2 seemed to give me a few problems. I was thinking the same about 2 instances 2 accounts switch. I've never had a machine powerful enough to run 2 instances sufficiently so I'm very much looking forward to that.