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  1. Please mention accurate version!! Can anyone elaborate the 2nd user concept because there is no option to create more users in server!!
  2. Hello guys i want to share my experience with GCP i have configured my vm 2core 4gb ram 98 something bucks a month Using latest mybot with bs 0.10 Done my payment through Debit Card (INDIA) EVERYTHING WORKS NICE BUT SOME ANCIENT ISSUES OF BS 0.10 ARE THERE Havent tried bs3 though Using rdp from my old pc 24/7 If anyone has tried any other version of bs with success inform me please as 0.10 is not really good. And also i am searching any way to bot without rdp.
  3. Want to bot on old pc ! Help!! I am having a core2duo old pc The only emulator works on it is bluestacks .10 With lots of errors and sometimes graphics get distorted can anyone give solutions
  4. Anuj1999

    Want to bot on old pc ! Help!!

    Okay thanks i am using 0.10 and having Opentrain tab Inqueuespell errors Cannot start bluestacks errors left now!!!
  5. Anuj1999

    graphics all distorted

    Why i cant see any shared content i also want to solve this issue
  6. Anuj1999

    Want to bot on old pc ! Help!!

    Any emulator recommendations?? For low end pc
  7. Want to bot on old pc ! Help!! I have my old pc at home and j want to turn it into botting machine its specifications are Core2Duo e8400 3GB of ram I have tried many bs versions with no success Only bs 0.10 version works Memu adn nox say update gpu driver and exit. But i am having many problems with bs 0.10 1. After some time of running some graphics on game changes and their color change to purple and black 2. Coc close automatically after some time 3.wrong clicks Please tell me the optimum way of botting on this machine currently running bs 0.10 with simbios mod memory set to 500 (decimal) Sorry for mistakes using mobile .