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  1. What’s a good vps worth getting i have multiple accounts and also a limitation to money
  2. Anyone got a good vps that’s not over budget running multiple instances? 2 core n 2 ram slow for jus 1
  3. Should I not use the bot then? All of my accounts have SCID and I can't undo that
  4. After posting that I realized they don’t go after ip cuz so much people use vpns for their personal devices which change IP.!
  5. Windows Firewall (VPS) I recently purchased a VPS (SEOClerks 24/7 vps bot from seller Runar) and it appears the windows firewall protection is off. I tried turning them on and I got locked out. I contacted Runar regarding this issue and he stated that the firewall protection is to be off. From what I read on these forums, people are saying to make sure that firewall protection is enabled so that any data doesn't get leaked from sources such as unbotify and app.adjust.... Anyone here using a VPS and also has firewall protection disabled?!
  6. Gentlemen, Take a look on SEOClerks and search for the seller "Runar." He hosts 24/7 vps 2012 with official bot already set up along with the emulator. I recommend this guy I just bought from him couple days ago
  7. its newest and better mod version bot.. AIO "All In One"
  8. Ummmm vps has diff IP address for bot accounts than the IP address on ur main devices.. is this a deal breaker ? Obviously it is
  9. What is it to be exact? I’m curious
  10. You use supercell id accounts is that why u say 1?
  11. There’s already humanization settings like clicks delay ?
  12. That’s the whole concern I have is that I don’t want my main accs banned. I’m gonna bot my minis but the thing is is that they are connected the same device with my main accounts (supercell id) but like you said and others said I should Be fine if I never bot my main
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