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  1. Trinity99

    new update 7.6.5 not searching opponents

    There is no new official update yet
  2. Trinity99

    Im back!

    I have all the messages screenshotted please don't lie, will post them if you continue to deny it It is better if you leave the forums, we don't want people like you here. The fact that he got his account back , won't change the fact that you scammed it out of him and later tried to get him to pay a ransom for it. You'd be better off to just admit it and apologise.We can get the whole clan here to testify if you want to.Your word stands against respected members of this community.
  3. Trinity99

    Im back!

    I only remember you scamming someone in one of the clans we were in, and later demanding a ransom for his account
  4. Trinity99

    FairPlay United closed down

    Pls do it, I wan't another Discord account banned <3
  5. Trinity99

    FairPlay United closed down

    If that wasn't too obvious from the main post
  6. Trinity99

    FairPlay United closed down

    Family is waiting for new members