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  1. Hi Friends, Our clan is almost full (49). Currently we need 1 max TH12 for CWL .
  2. I would like to thank you everyone to show interest to join our clan and those who stayed with us till now . We have 4 spots so hurry Thank you for help .
  3. Sorry for late reply I was super busy in office and we have reached crystal 1 league got first position .So now we need good war players for next CWL .TH12 preferred for CWL . We are not FWA clan but you can join if you want .We need active and good war player.Sent you PM Sent you PM PM sent.
  4. I will try ask more member to stay online and donate loons. Thanks for your advice. Sent you PM
  5. Thank you so much . working nice I am using 3 accounts.