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    Using mybot to generate base dataset for deeplearning ?

    Right now, the deeplearning part is not my problem, I need to get the dataset and would need someone who knows how to tweek the bot engine to make it label things with the already built in image detection to speed-up the labeling a little and add lower th bases to my dataset. Keras is great, but I’ll be using Darkflow which is a Tensorflow version of Darknet (Yolo) thanks
  2. [I probably didn’t post in the right section of the forum, please move this in the right section] Hello, How hard would it be to use/modify the code to make it ''annotate'' bases ? The goal would be to add bounding boxes arround buildings and creating xml/json/txt files of all the bounding boxes assosiated with a building. I have been doing it for 200 images and it takes alot of time and my dataset is only th11-th12. I have been training an object detection deeplearning algorithm on this dataset and the results are really good, so if we could use mybot to ''annotates'' alot more bases, the model would be insane at detection (can do up to 150 images per second on a gtx1080, and close to 15 images per second on cpu). Is there someone who would be willing to help on this ? Here is what I am talking about the bounding boxes (doing it by hand) :