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  1. No Reply from the developer ? , Hoping to get any reply soon and any news about this option/Feature . It really come in handy for the user to upgrade their buildings tho .
  2. it detected the building and open up the upgrade menu . but then , failed to read the value upgrade of the building . I did this before the last 2 update of the bot and it was fine tho.. i did also try all other bot . Offical , Samkie , Aio .
  3. Hi , any Fix for this ? i can't use the locating upgrade . the new option auto upgrade isn't being handy for me it keep upgrade my collector (yes i know i didn't upgrade my collector and it follow the suggested upgrade) . i just want to upgrade specific buildings such as my defenses .
  4. Building not located/ value not reading correctly for upgrade Hello , I recently using new mybot latest version . It seems like it can't locate value of a building for the 'locate building' for upgrade menu . I do appreciate the work for auto upgrade (new option) but it come unhandy to me as my collector isn't upgrade all the time , so it went to upgrade the collectors in the suggestion tab . I just wish to upgrade certain buildings such as my defends as i just upgraded to new townhall . What i saw : well it located the building correctly and the name of building correctly , then it open the upgrade menu of the building but it failed to read the building upgrade value . What i do : I change to modded bots , all of it still get the same error Here is what error i encounter I'm hoping the developer fix this function to work back . Thank You ...
  5. MyBot Can't Locate Building for Upgrade MyBot Version: v7.3 Emulator Version: Memu (Latest) Operating System: Windows 10 Screenshot(s): Upload , Brief Description of the Problem: I can't seem to upgrade my buildings at locate menu . My collectors are not fully upgrade , well the auto upgrade doesn't go well with me as i just want to upgrade my defends but it went to upgrade my collectors only (well the suggested upgrade only detect buildings that is low level) What were you doing to trigger this?: Upgrading my base buildings in4 it was fine , when new upgrade it can't locat buildings for upgrade What have you tried to do to resolve the problem?: Tried alot of other bot which is modded also failed . Here is another one , It detect the building name . however once it open the building info , it doesn't detect the value for upgrade .
  6. Looking for bot clan

    HI , i'm sorry i dont use 'line' app .
  7. Error , Could not locate buildings for upgrade . Hello gentlemens and ladies . I like the new bot function which you can upgrade builder hall . However , i've notice that i can't locate buildings for upgrade Village > Upgrade > Buildings menu isn't working well here is the error that i got . I did change the base positions too !
  8. no screen shot to telegram

    Hi guys , Be sure to download AutoIt software . If you dont have that , they can't send your screenshot properly .
  9. Best way to farm dark?

    I see , It is advised to use Scripted CSV attack . Trust me on this use the one that i gave you on above . It does push up and gain alot of loots in the same time . i max my wall using his scripted CSV attack and also fill up my dark elixir tank . Here is my stats on bot . Here is the loot currently i have . My Dark elixir was full before but now used to upgrade My heroes as you can see i have 3/5 Builder . I'm on Th9 .
  10. Looking for bot clan

    Hi , I just started a new clan myself for both of my account . Currently using Babylavaloonion troops . Would you like to join ? Most likely going to donate Balloons all the time . 24/7 Online Bot . No War . Farming Clan . Push trophy . If you are interested , Private message me . Well , i create the clan just to Donate myself for my both account . If you would like to join . You are welcome .
  11. Best way to farm dark?

    May i know what Townhall level are you ? My intention currently Farming dark elixir only . However there is no yet CSV that works on me Until i found this BabyLavaLoon CSV . Im on TH9 and leveling up my heroes to the max level . I used another CSV before , which is Giarch and it can save up my Dark elixir . But not , it doesn't work that way . Last step i took , i push my trophy to Champoin using this CSV . Because in champoing you mostly to get a lot of loots including dark elixir once you won a star . I know you want to save up Dark Elixir , But trust me on this , Push your trophy to Champion and it will help you out on farming Dark Elixir . My heroes are now on level 23 and still upgrading to max it out 30 . Thanks to his CSV , i never ran out of Dark Elixir anymore even using dark elixir troops to attack tho . I started using this guy CSV from trophy 1400-3700 while heroes is upgrading . My loot are all full and my heroes are uprading as soon as it finish and it continues again .. Thnks to @Z E C K his CSV helps alot . This CSV good for TH9,TH10,TH11
  12. @NguyenAnhHD . Hi , Your bot is doing a great job . But , i can't locate upgrade building . It succesfully know the building name . Then , it failed says " Windows can't open the upgrade menu " smthg like that . Meanwhile , i'm looking at it . The Menu/Info of the building is opened . Any solution ?
  13. Recommend ANY CSV for DE+Elixir Hunt TH9 Hi , As the topic mentioned . I'm in th9 . My defend(including walls) and other troops are Maxed out . Except my heroes . I would like to farm Elixir+DE Elixir to upgrade my Queen and King to Max level then only i will upgrade my town hall . Currently Using the GiwiStorm CSV but can't get enough Elixir+DE Elixir . My Elixir is dropping and almost below 1Million Elixir . Anyone could recommend good CSV for Elixir+DE elixir Farming ? i dont mind about Gold as my gold is now full storage . Thanks in Advance!
  14. MybotRun Next Update Suggwstion

    Hello , yes i do notice i can disable the bot long wait by doing what u suggested . My suggestion was about adding more function to the bot with better experience , some people prefer the bot close clash of clans while training as it can make people think the bot will be more human like . My suggestion was about the bot send notification on what he's doing realtime with one button once we push it . Such as they are attacking,waiting or so on.. (It mean it will override the program task and send notification to the owner less than a second) . Next , i suggested the bot to have ' Pause and left clash of clan ' functions . Which we push the button and the bot will complete all it task before entering pause status ( which will give the owner full control of the clans of clans to monitor it base and do some attacks on builder base ...