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  1. Mmh, I'll try to turn on my computer again because just by restarting the BOT I still have this problem
  2. Was the attack interface modified yesterday? Hello, I would like to have confirmation. Was the attack button changed again yesterday? I had made the necessary modifications to launch the attacks following the June update, but since yesterday, he no longer wants to launch and I have the impression that the interface is different. Here is a screen of the interface as I see it: On bluestack, the attack interface no longer goes up and down as before. I only have that since yesterday and only on bluestack. So my button is modified again..
  3. itsFRIX

    New Update

    Has there been another new update? My BOT was working until 2 hours ago after changing the location of the button... But I relaunched Bluestack and I feel like my button has moved again! I can no longer attack
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