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  1. ClanGames do not start, although enabled

    It worked perfectly, thank you. You are the best!
  2. That's what I thought ... Thanks for clearing up my doubts! I'm still lvl 121, I'll get max lvl 150 using Goblin XP ... Do you think it's safe 5k ~ 10k XP per day? (with Goblin XP)
  3. So would you say that up to lvl 200 is safe? You use Goblin XP for how long? How many lvl's did you earn each day when you started? I think lvl 200 for a TH10 with few donations would be very suspicious, I do not intend to get that far (immediately)
  4. https://prnt.sc/jk5uks Wow very nice My only concern was if you had a certain "limit" per day to use Goblin XP without raising suspicions, but as I see you guys are very high lvl's and they use it all the time, right? I am lvl 121 and would like to have at least lvl 150+ would be cool.
  5. Script para farmar dark

    Friend, this area is intended for English only, when you want to post here try to use the translator or search the forum of your language that will surely help you as well as helped me! https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/37-portuguese/ ~> Portuguese. Caso não tenha me entendido, desculpe avisa-lo assim mas já me alertaram e estou tentando repassar a mensagem, caso não encontre o que deseja entre em contato comigo via PM para eu tentar lhe ajudar. But you can test these: Hope can help you.
  6. So, did you remove the XP limit per day and let it run all the time?
  7. Thanks for the shared knowledge, did you use to earn how many XP points per day?
  8. Hello friend, did you get a response or deducted a basis of "insurance" per day? I've recently seen this XP mode and found it interesting, but I have not yet had the opportunity to use it (heroes sleeping all the time), but I plan to use it as soon as possible, share your experience with this mode.
  9. After few hour bot problem

    Hello friend, Post some PrintScreen of your problem so that someone who has had the same problem or someone more experienced can help you and so in the future help someone who may have the same problem.
  10. TH9 maximized (not just heroes) 2 days for new TH10. Loon level: 6 Haste:3 Rage:Maxed just looking at farming to maximize before returning to pushing trophies.
  11. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    I'm interested, I'm TH9 maximized (not just heroes) 2 days for new TH10, how do I enter enlist?
  12. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    a question, should the "Clan Games" option be completed manually or by the Bot option enough? I have not yet used this option Clan Games