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  1. Solchael

    Memu ?

    @ciro11 entiendes ingles ? para leer ese link : https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/35341-latest-emulator-info-from-the-developers/ Hay tambien un link para instalar bien MEmu Cordialmente, Solchael
  2. Solchael

    how is this NOT a dead base ??...

    @aliitp you are welcome @rbrt topic can be closed
  3. Solchael

    Help me to modificate DONATE profile

    @KaLa I am not wrong "bro" because whatever you tick or untick shouldn't change anything in that case because you are in halt attack donate .... So again you can try what I said to add another rpofile to use switch account and use donate like crazy, to see if it makes things faster! Just create a second profil wich link to the same base (possible with shared_pref). There was a mod that was rebuilding the troops donated just after. But don't seems to find it. Regards, Solchael
  4. Solchael

    Help me to modificate DONATE profile

    @NOURNOVEY This is strange, because to me the setting that would change things would be this one : And the one under. I can't really test as I don't have any account that does donations only. Also I am in botting clan so donation are super fast clan castle are full in no time So I would suggest that we wait for the devs on this topic. rergards, Solchael
  5. Solchael

    SCID won't log in automatically

    @Dirk38 can you check the pdf I added and check if you did not miss something when installing MEmu ?? MEmu.pdf Regards, Solchael
  6. Solchael

    Maj 7.5.3 language error

    Je te le déconseil fortement, le bot doit lire certains messages ... C'est pour ça que l'on demande à tous de mettre CoC en anglais sur l'émulateur Cordialement, Solchael
  7. Solchael

    Supercel ID

    @Overcraft non mais si tu ne bottes qu'un seul village alors pas besoin de faire le switch account. Pense bien à cocher la case pour le Personnal Break PB et tout ira bien Cordialement, Solchael
  8. Solchael

    Help me to modificate DONATE profile

    @KaLa you are missunderstanding my point ... You have this setting tickled: Start Search if Army Camp ≥ 10% means your bot will start searching if your army is at 10% or more. Which doesn't affect at all your donation because you are in halt attack donate mode only. Now you need to share you donation settings ... @cosote is there a way to have the option donate like crazy without using Switch account option? Or may he can use switch account, and use to exact same profil (pull the shared pref of the same base but different name) to switch ? Regards, Solchael
  9. Solchael

    Increase SmartZap max characters

    @mitzu2250 I understand your point too.. In that case we can wait for @TripleM as he the one that coded that part Regards, Solchael
  10. Solchael

    Increase SmartZap max characters

    @mitzu2250 Again read the topic I sent you .... You will see that the bot already manage the 3 drills together .... It checks not only the amount of DE but also the position of the drills. And again what is the point to put 1000 as if you put 320 the bot could get you more dark. Because if you put too much the bot will skip the drills ... Which is not what you want And to test you'll need to make it over more than few days .... I will mainly depends on what base you find Regards, Solchael
  11. Solchael

    Help me to modificate DONATE profile

    @KaLa does your bot switch account in the mean time or you have a specific instance / bot for only donate ? As there is an option to have "donate like crazy" in the tab : Bot > Profiles ? For the rest I don't remember exactly the routine the bot does when it is in Alt Attack donate only. But I am sure it doesn't have nothing to do with your army size or whatever. Maybe a devs could help you to change that settings. Regards, Solchael
  12. Solchael

    Keeping cups in certain league

    @omransaz if you go to your bot settings : Attack & plan --> Search & Attack -> Options -> Throphy Settings here you can select the trophy you want your bot to stay between. And use hero to go down trophy when needed Regards, Solchael
  13. Solchael

    how is this NOT a dead base ??...

    @aliitp the bot says it's a dead base depending on your collector settings. Not only the amount he should find. We need to know your collector settings and the screen of the base. IE in that case there was the amount of resource, but not the collector setting Regards, Solchael
  14. Solchael

    Trump the builder

    ahaha lol well you should keep him to upgrade walls
  15. Th12 seeking for a clan Can be no war clan or FWA clan Using smart farm so donation will be giant or barch.