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  1. Configurar Mybot laboratorio

    No hay para que el pueda hacerlo en continuo. Puedes configurar el bot para que el sube la tropa que elijiste ... Pero no puedes areglar mas de una tropa a la vez .... Mika1805,
  2. Supercel ID

    La derniêre version du bot gère sans problèmes le SC ID, donc utilise la Mika1805,

    @sayhueque creo que si amigo. Uso ese shared pref y me funciona perfecto desde rato. Que es el error que te da el bot ??? Mika1805,
  4. Supercel ID

    @Diez oui c'est normal, depuis la MàJ SC ont changé l'image pour se log .... Tu as un quick fix ici : https://mega.nz/#!WQZTDQKK!GVuz7aNbH7Cd-HpOJS8k9aRgmrcPNUsdP-muBt1r7Og Sinon tu peux essayé d'utiliser Shared_pref tu as un topic ici qui t'explique comment faire : Ce que tu peux faire vu que tu as qu'un seul compte, soit en créer un deuxième pour qu'il switch automatiquement. Sinon créer un second profil et pull les même shared pref sur les deux profils (ils seront identiques mais avec des noms différents). Comme ca le bot va switch de profil mais télechargera toujours le même village Mika1805,
  5. Skip Wall upgrade -insufficient TH-Level

    @daredevil666 the th detection works at every th lvl .... The fresh Th9 I have just comes from a max th8... also have proper rearm and so on... But I need to relocate my th to tel the bot i am th9 i can use queen up walls to lvl 10 .... You need to tell the bot which th you are. Mika1805,
  6. i have a stupid problem :)

    @elementg66 we need more information, logs would help us, or at least the error ?? Mika1805,
  7. Supercell Account Switching failed

    @Peppecoco yes SC changed a bit the image so the bot is broken for switch with SC ID. Use shared prefs : It works pretty good Mika1805,
  8. Without logs or more information we won't be able to help you There is something that you do different for sure Mika1805,
  9. Bot not requesting CC troops properly

    @mathematic humm I am sorry then but it's out of my competence. I will wait for devs or bot monster to respond for me I can't tag them here, can't tell why ?? @cosote / @MAJPA if you can help me with this problem?? Mika1805,
  10. Bot not requesting CC troops properly

    There is no reason for the bot to undock. So enable the debug like I said, dock the bot and let it run and see when it undock it alone, to give use an idea of the hours Mika1805,
  11. Bot not requesting CC troops properly

    Emulator ? Mika1805,
  12. Bot not requesting CC troops properly

    Which version of the bot do you use ? Mika1805,
  13. Bot not requesting CC troops properly

    @mathematic humm strange maybe try this solution : Go there and tick the Messages/Android/Click/Online debug donations /Training and post the results One quick question which version of the bot do you use? Mika1805,
  14. @zultan if you have two separate bot folder means separate profile, then just go to each bot folder -> Profiles -> Yourprofilename1 -> config.ini edit the two line that say Emulator and Instance. Repeat the same for your second bot folder and yourprofilename2. The bot should be able to launch both profile with different emulator. You can use Nox or MEmu for multi instance. Put Emulator MEmu for exemple and Instance for the profile1 would be MEmu and the second one would be MEmu_1 (for a third one would be MEmu_2). You can also use Nox, Emulator would be Nox, instance for the profile1 would be nox, instance for the profile2 would be Nox_1 (for a third one would be Nox_2 and so on). Now let's say you want to use the same folders mean the two profil on the same folder, you can do the same, and simply use the too from @Fliegerfaust (all credits to him): https://github.com/Fliegerfaust33/SelectBot/raw/master/SelectBot.Exe, which is really easy to use. You start it, you enter the profil for the first bot (have to be exactly the same name as the your profile1), select the Emulator, enter the instance and enter the different option. Repeat the same for the second bot (again I repeat the second bot and the first one, have to have the exact same name of your profil inside your bot folder). Now you have two bot you can create shortcut, or just open the program and press run. If you have trouble to find the name of your instance, you can also go to your bot folders : COCBot -> functions -> Android and open the file named Android Status & Information .txt Another trick is to create a batch file, they explain you what is it and how it can be created here : http://www.pingzic.net/how-to-create-a-batch-bat-file-in-windows-10/ You type this inside : start "" C:\your location of the Mybot.run.au3 Nameofyourprofile1 Emulator Instance1 start "" C:\your location of the Mybot.run.au3 Nameofyourprofile2 Emulator Instance2 I like to run the .au3 is more stable than the .exe. Hope this will help you to finally being able to run two instance with the same emulator Mika1805,
  15. Bot not requesting CC troops properly

    @mathematic this solution is more easy : Mika1805,