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  1. My only problem now is the problem of out of sync that I haven't with Memu ... But I can manage the auto update!
  2. @AnDrOmEdA hey sorry to bother you, but what are the two resolution and registry programs for ? As it seems your BS works well for me! The MBR + Samkie just resized correctly the BS windows.
  3. @Edgplicit curious then ... as I did nothing extra ... Have changed anything in Memu or in Samkie Mod ? Do you use the last Samkie mod ?
  4. @sboez00 I have the same problem here! I am using this : - Memu 2.8.6 - MBR7.2.5 with SamM0d v1.0.8
  5. @Joe Razor sorry for long response!! Welcome here and happy botting!
  6. I might be interested, can you give me the interest of FWA ??? As if you bot, you don't really need resource!
  7. NVM don't need anymore sorry
  8. Thanks for your help @Samkie and @Edgplicit I am sorry to bother you @Samkie, but it seems that the bot can't work on automatic upgrade .... He can find the proper building I select, then unable to tell me price and time so remove it from the automatic lists. Of course I don't select the one that are currently upgrading! Any suggestion on it ? (screen added) Also I was wondering, if I upgrade building, lab, walls and heroes ... Who have the priority? - in case of dark eleixir ? Heroes > Lab ? - in case of eleixir ? Building > Lab > Walls ? - in case of gold ? Building > Walls ? I am curious to know how he works, let's say about gold. I have an archer tower that will need 2 000 000 to up in about 2 days or so (times needed to finish current up) ... Will he keep the 2 000 000 ( plus the min amount of gold it have to remain after the upgrade) and then start to work again on walls? Or he will work on wall till the last day of the up then keep the 2 000 000 gold to make the up and work with the surplus on wall ? Thanks in advance for all those who'll be able to help me
  9. Hi, Thanks for all your help @ZerGo0 and @AnDrOmEdA but after trying some of your solutions .. My laptop crashed ... So I bought a new computer... Think it will solve the problem! Have a nice day guys!
  10. Thanks for you reply, What means AFAIK ? Well my question is let's say I have both line up built, ie main army and queue, if the bot give one loon and one lava will it reput it in queue just after ?
  11. @Edgplicit Worked pretty good I guess as now I have about 1% use on cpu ... Even if to be honest, it told me that many services weren't installed on the computer ... Guess I have to find a light webbrowser as now I see that Chromes eat a lot of my memory! Any suggestion? Well about the crash I don't know what happens ... I used to leave the computer botting and it have restarted can't say why ...
  12. @Edgplicit Well I am a bit newbie on computers ... So what do you mean b making a batch file containing the windows commands? I should desactivate all those services ? I am with ethernet cable for faster internet connection.
  13. Hi there, First of all thanks for all the work! I will test it today as I got many good review from many of my friend using this mod for the switch account! I plan to use it for my Th10 and my Th8 that both will update to next level soon. So I will check to work with the lavaloon strategy. I have few quick asks : About the Donate function, how does it works? I use quick training, X loon X lava X minions for both acc. I request Lavaloon on both acc for farming. So how it work on both acc. Acc1 give 1 lava and 1 loon to Acc2 then build again 1 lava and 1 loon ... Same for spell and same for the other side? Or I need an account only for donation?