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  1. even account i stopped botting a month still banned
  2. May be Supercell hasn't look to iOS bots yet
  3. 3/5 accounts were banned today. 1 stopped auto 3 days ago. All use smart csv file, slow bot, attack not more than 15 times a day.
  4. Which trophy is best for TH13 farming? Hi, bros I am having problem for finding dead village farming. At trophy 2800-3200. i have to search ~200 times for finding good dead village. I have no problem at this trophy range when i am with TH12 Which trophy are you now? Thank you
  5. I set firewall 6 months ago and accounts still be banned. This trick doesn't work
  6. I did this since 6 months ago and still be banned 5/8 accounts i bot
  7. Stopped, after 5/8 were banned.
  8. Same problem on MEMU and iTools
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