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  1. rantex1011

    Problem trying to create a Profile for TH10

    Thanks bro, now it worked.
  2. Problem trying to create a Profile for TH10 I'm making another profile to launch a secondary account with Memu, but when I create a new Profile it uses same settings that I have on my TH11, I can't relocate Lab, TownHall, etc So it's working weird... How can I create a clean Profile?
  3. rantex1011

    Village needs break

    Go to Bot Tab then Options and tick the Force close PB Box. Solved.
  4. rantex1011

    Reboot Nox due to 5 page errors in 4.2 Minutes

    Ive got same issue with Memu, it worked perfect, but since yesterday its being restarting every time emulator any idea whats wrong what could be causing that?