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  1. lol not the reason i kicked everyone, but nice try you sound VERY upset, maybe go take a nap?
  2. [LEVEL 8] Hardcore Farming | No Wars | CG & Donations Only | Keyword Donations Seeing as we have a new place for clan recruitment, I guess I'll be the first one to post in it! Looking for TH9+ people, with Clan Games on the bot enabled, and also donations. Requirements: Botting at-least a few hours a week. Donations Level 6 Archers Level 6 Loons Discord Donations Keywords: any giants giant air ground loons loon Form: Town Hall: Archer Level: Loon Level: Botting hours per day: Ability to use Discord (Y/N)?
  3. mitch

    .Net Framework and Visual C++

    No you don't need to uninstall any of them, if you have the correct version installed it'll used that (which will most likely be the latest)