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  1. Emulator on RDP without Hyper-V Hi, I am trying to set up mybot on my new DRP. It has low specs but I´ve had the same specs on a VDS and it worked fine. Now, after installing the RDP, I ran into multiple issues. The RDP does not have the HyperV option, since... well its virtual not dedicated. If anyone is still interested, I am using the Business-Plan on https://rdp.sh/rdp-hosting. Bluestacks (newest Version) - HyperV enabled Bluestacks (oldest version, rooted) - doesn't install Bluestacks (1.6 rooted) - loads infinitely Nox - HyperV enabled Memu - HyperV enabled LeapDroid - keeps restarting (even though it worked for a day or two, now it just doesn't for some odd reason) LD Player - just crashes the whole RDP (not because of RAM) Can anyone suggest me a good emulator or help me fix this issue? Thanks
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