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  1. MEmu can run on 768 MB and 1 cpu core per instance. (MEmu can run on 512 MB too, but it can get a bit laggy if you run for multiple weeks without a reboot) Nox can run on 512 MB and 1 cpu core per instance. Bluestacks i usually run at 1 GB per instance with 1 CPU or 2 CPU cores depending if the instance gets laggy or not. (Bluestacks is in my opinion the bulkier of the three i have mentioned. (because i never used any other emulator)) Of course, the amount of bots you can run on your system depends on your hardware. Also remember, that not ALL resources (CPU and RAM) will be usable for your bots, the windows operating system also takes quite a bit from them.
  2. Update required for Auto Building upgrades

    Sounds like the bot is working as it should the way you are explaining it: Correct, the bot will always try the first in line, if there is not enough resources for that upgrade, it goes down the list until it finds an upgrade that does have enough resources. So eventually, when you are out of gold and have enough elixer, it will also upgrade elixer type buildings. (most buildings need gold for upgrading, this is probably why they are always on the top of the list.) Which is logical, because you tell the bot to ignore all upgrades that use gold or elixer, EVEN if there are no more gold or elixer upgrades available. This too is logical, the bot has been told to ignore any upgrades that use gold or elixer, this option will ALWAYS ignore gold or elixer upgrades, no matter what. Hope this helped, good luck.
  3. Hello Devs! I think i have a good idea to have the bot use siege machines. My idea would be to have (a) new CSV command(s) (something like CHCC and CHSGS maybe?) to make the bot change the CC back to the sieges and vice versa during the attack. Now mind i dont have personal sieges yet, so not sure what will change for the selection of cc and siege machines before a battle. Not sure how the locating of siege machine should work (or how CC is located atm, image search probably is too slow?) Not sure what you guys are planning to use for siege machines atm, but this just popped in my head and i thought i'd share my idea.