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  1. Greetings, the suggestion is to add restart after waiting cloud xx time option in the below search tab in options , cause sometimes network connections become poor for a little while then back to normal , but bot doesn't detect that connection became good again and keep waiting for cloud, I experienced waiting for cloud for 30 minutes :). Thanks in advance for your great efforts
  2. Greetings, Appreciate the efforts being spent in developing the bot, but I want to suggest something ( Add Battle machine in drop order for the builder base ), this will help to tank some damage before deploying weak troops. Best Regards
  3. I have a suggestion , maybe it will be useful, add alarm option if bot is unable to locate a building and pop up the selection window like the TH or CC one , even if it was selected before this may help if anyone changed his layout and forgot to locate buildings to relocate them , also will help cause people may choose the location and when bot tries to tap it , it fails to locate buildings. it's a minor thing I guess as the most are supposed to stop the bot and relocate the building, but sometimes it happen that I locate the building and then bot fails to tap it and du
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