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  1. Hope not- Decepticons, transform and roll-out!
  2. So I got 1 banned- just changed a couple things. I started using the builder base bot, and updated to 7.8.2. But from what i am reading, it might have "caught" me a few months ago. Never had problems in the 3 years I have been using. Date received Ban notice: 14 Jan 20 Which version(s) of the bot did you use in last few weeks prior to ban notice? mybot v7.8.2 [Update] Which Emulator are you using? nox [Update] Have you ever bought gems? no [Update] Which version of Clash are you using? Jan 2020 [Update] How many devices is your Clash account used on? Which devices are they? 4, 2 phones / computer, tablet What army composition was used? Arch/giants, goblins, archers, loons, wbs What attack search type were you using? Dead only Did you use Scripted Attack feature? No Did you have smart attack enabled for conventional attack types? Yes If so, were you using drop near collectors? Yes What was your attack delay unit? Default What was your Wave delay Default [Update]How much time per day did you use bot? 20 hours per day How much time per day did you manually play game? 1 hour Were you in a clan? yes Were you in a clan specifically known for bot use? no Did you use modifications of CSV files or other game files for CoC app inside Android emulator? no [Update] Do you have other game modifications or TOS violating software like xmod or imod installed on your device since Fair Play notice started? no Have you EVER posted a picture of your base (even with name/clan blurred out), an attack log, or the number of resources you had in clan chat, bot forums, reddit, SC forums, etc.? No Does anyone who knows your base name/clan know that you're using the bot? No If you have a SC forum account, does it use the same IP/email as your clash account and have you admitted to using the bot or been banned on it? No SC account Do you have any prior violations of the ToS No
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