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  1. I've just created a AutoIt script to check the IPs for the domains and add the firewall rules. You can compile the script and run standalone or. You can add as an include on the main Mybot.run.au3 file and recompile (right click on Mybot.run.au3 with AutoIt installed and select "Compile Script"). It will add a couple of seconds to the bot startup while it checks the IPs and adds the rules. Doing it this way if they ever were to change their IPs the firewall rule would be recreated with the latest IP address to block upon startup. Create new file called BlockAdjustUnbotify
  2. I was curious to know how their bot detection was working... After the last ban wave and losing a few accounts. My guess would be in their code I would say they would be using something like "Unbotify". Now time to spin up Fiddler and route traffic via Fiddler as a proxy to see what data was being leaked. Turns out they are using Unbotify and sending out data to the Unbotify domains. The easiest way to circumvent bot detection would be to stop the data going out to the 3rd party company (Adjust) that's doing the monitoring with AI and flagging users. To do that you could
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