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  1. derkonig

    Drop Siege Machines "Empty"

    No, I haven’t read them all. I’ll look it up. Thanks.
  2. derkonig

    Drop Siege Machines "Empty"

    @SpartanUBPT Hi! Could you also include the Stone Slammer? Thanks!
  3. Hi! so it’s in fact v7.7.1?
  4. Is your battle blimp empty or does it have troops? If it’s empty, check this:
  5. What I have said is the same the OP has said multiple times in this thread. He won’t add features like this. Better read the whole thread before asking. And if you don’t like the answer you receive, well too bad.
  6. It’s not a needed feature, it will not be added.
  7. @ChacalGyn I have no way to give debug data of this, only attach the log. The bot wasted 1900 gems in a time frame of 40 minutes. why does this happen?? It’s a lot of wasted gems!!! before that, I connected remotely to the computer and saw the attached screenshot too. I have nothing set to boost. Please tell me what happened and tell me how to fix. Gem Loss.txt
  8. Hi all for some reason one of my accounts is not using the king as it should. The option is marked and everything is set as it was before, with v7.6.5 r04. On that version, I had no problem. How can I share debug info about this? Do I have to enable debug, wait for bot to attack and then share the log? thanks!
  9. Look at the photo I uploaded. About the error, make sure to locate the clan castle first.
  10. I has always worked with Builder Base. You have to activate attack and set trophies lower to the amount you currently have. It’s best to set it at 500 and leave it be
  11. derkonig

    iTools CPU usage

    I tried it out and it was working great and fast. The temperature stayed the same though, around 70 because I changed the thermal paste. Thabks for your input!
  12. It’s an official bot issue. It will be fixed in 7.6.6
  13. derkonig

    iTools CPU usage

    Hmm, the notebook has integrated graphics. I think I’ll give it a try.
  14. derkonig

    iTools CPU usage

    Great, I hope to hear from you soon!
  15. iTools CPU usage Hi, i was was reading the post cosote created about iTools which uses less RAM. I would like to know if it also uses less CPU. I have a notebook that heats a lot lately (running one instance at 75 celsius aprox). If MyBot runs well with iTools and temperature is better, I would change from MEmu to iTools. Thabks for for your comments.