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  1. derkonig

    Drop Siege Machines "Empty"

    So this fix enables the use of empty siege machines. If the siege machines are not empty, the bot will use them too?
  2. Is it possible to double train and donate troops? I don’t really like Quick Train. Any my guidance is appreciated!
  3. derkonig

    MEmu connectivity issues

    I'm pretty sure I read something a while about it but I didn't pay attention to the solution. Maybe somebody can give some input.
  4. MEmu connectivity issues Hi all, So I've been using MEmu 2.8.3 for a long time now and it works really good. The only issue I have and would like to fix, if possible, is that sometimes it experiences connectivity problems and shows the Wifi sign in the middle. It takes several minutes to fix itself and sometimes the bot just closes and reopens it. Is there a fix for that or is it a version specific issue? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble with double train now, first time since upgrading to v1.1 today. It's supposed to train 32 baloons, 25 minions, 2 lava and 5 wallbreakers and 5 rages and 1 haste, but for some reason there are no hounds queued and it doesn’t place the donated haste at the beginning of the queue. So it wants to retrain everything again instead of just training what's missing: 2 hounds. I've attached the log, with the "Message" debug enabled. Is the information provided enough? Debug log.txt UPDATE 1: I've disabled Smart Queue System and activated Precise troops instead. I had normal troops trained and queued I removed the 2 hounds and replaced them with 12 extra baloons, hoping the bot will detect and correct the troops difference. However, the bot sees full queue and just doesn't check. I'm attaching new log file. Debug log precise.txt