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  1. Wahwaah... Apa ada cara main coc yg menyenangkan? Perasaan gitu2 aja ya
  2. Mine working: Some log previously I didn't save. Attacked weak base meet criteria. Try check : Do enable background mode? Do emulator memory was changed? Or because something else.
  3. Try to disable feature: close Coc when training (at Attack>Train>Option), so the COC always play then always respond your telegram command when training. Then try to adjust Another Device wait time, from 2 to 0 minutes at Bot>Option. So bot don't wait if another device connected. Or the simple way, you can try install TeamViewer on both PC & your smartphone. So you can view what was mbr doing. Hope this help, thanks.
  4. Wow..!!! Would you like to share your steps learning autoIT script? Global step maybe or link for us who interesting scripting also.. Btw, your mod so awesome. It send nice tellegram notify: Hope in the next, battery level can be sent also in notify telegram. When battery fully charged & low battery. Hehe.
  5. Yup... Kalimantan island. Did you ever go here? May I know Where do you learn programming? Do you take programming study?
  6. Yes, I am. Nice to meet you (meet at here) I'm at borneo bro.. I see that, nice batt info. Hope, when battery is low and mbr is attacking, mbr will continue attacking not stop coz low batt. Hehe I still try diff from Mr MantasM to give him a report. I will try yours after it.
  7. Thanks for help mate. Let me try it. I think it will give perfect...!!! update: Sorry the rejected happen. What should I do? this the rej file: MyBot.run.au3.rej But mbr still can run. Now I'm going to try run it. I will notice again later. Thanks Update: Sorry it can't detect battery level yet: Thanks for help @MantasM & @xbebenk now I can run mbr with autostop on low battery.
  8. big thanks mate...let me try it .... Sory before. Will mbr auto stop when attacking but low batt occur? Or wait attacking to finish first?
  9. Dear @MantasM Here update: still autostop when battery get 100% charged. Maybe wm_powerbroadcast can't detect low battery status? How about WinApi_getSystemPowerStatus : https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/libfunctions/_WinAPI_GetSystemPowerStatus.htm Sorry I'm not experience in thats language. Just know so little in C++ I try to write that example code to SciTE, then run it. It show the window contain power status. But I don't know how to integrate it with mbr I think it will better. Example when battery was 10%, mbr will stop untill battery charged >10%. Regards
  10. no problem. So fast feedback. Let me apply again. Previous was work well Thanks very much Update: it's working!! I guess it need expert autoit language.. Low batt when attacking didn't stop bot. Finished attacking then emulator close & mbr said Low Batt. Some problem with legend account. It's take a long cloud wait time. Is possible to auto-stop bot when low batt & emu show searching opponents (and cloud wait time >5 minutes or when enabled bot controls due long wait time appears)? Then mbr also auto stop when pluged in (fully charged & not charging) - forgot dont plugged out the charger.
  11. Thanks a lot.. Let me try to apply to mbr.. I will give a report when it working. One question. When battery is low and mbr is attacking, will that *diff function wait mbr to finish attacking then stop bot?
  12. MBR autostop when Low Battery on Laptop Dear All Developer Sorry if this was asked before. Previously I comment to post, then I think it will better to start new post at Suggestion topic. I hope next release MBR, it will detect low battery status of laptop then do Stop Bot instead continue running & attacking. Here my post at comment before: Thank you for all feedback Regards
  13. Dear boss @Samkie Is possible, mbr detect low battery warning screen then send shutdown command like telegram did? My mbr was autoshutdown when low battery tonight. It just dropped 20 balloons cause loss tropy