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    A big guy blocks our camp

    I'm having the same problem with 3 x Lavas lined up to complete my army the bot get halfway through training one deletes that and the other 2 then queues them up to train again so am never getting a complete army to attack
  2. Wardie23

    Bot taking too long to read bases!

    Managed to figure out how to do that and it solved the problem. Thank you
  3. Wardie23

    Bot taking too long to read bases!

    I don't even know what that mean, let alone how to do it I tried using bluestacks but the bot kept attaching itself to Memu rather than bluestacks
  4. Wardie23

    Bot taking too long to read bases!

    Apologise I'm not very technical but it's a Toshiba laptop, couple of years old. I'm using memu I think. Just the one account.
  5. Bot taking too long to read bases! Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or wether it might be down to my old/slow computer but the bot seems to be taking too long to read if a base is suitable or not. Often missing the 'next' button and having to end battle and return to the main base. When it does find a suitable base it's missed sometimes upto a minute of the attack time before it begins an attack. Any suggestions?