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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.2.2 RELEASED! Working with SC May 22 game update!   07/08/2017

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.2.2!!   This release supports the May 22 SC game update, and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!      


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  1. [LvL 12] Farming/pushing/boting Clan [37/50] RECRUITMENT ON Right now we are [37/50] • We are a Level 12 Botting/Farming/war/trophypush clan! • We are looking for any kind of botters! • We Donate, Archer, Giants, Bowlers, Miners, Golem, Hound, Loon & much more! • You can get any kind of spell donations ! SETTINGS • Barch, Gibarch, botters like that muste be able to Donate, Archer, Giants & EQ Spell, your CC Request Must be (FOR EXAMPLE) Giant EQ or Archer EQ depp and what you need! • Trophy Pusher/ CSV users that want to push, must be able to donate the troops that they use for pushing! CC Request with the stuff you need! You want to join? • How many hours a Day you bot ? • TH lvl Ingame lvl, troop level & Comb you are using ? • Hit me up with a PM with all of this and write it down under this! Other INFOS • Our Discord https://discord.gg/BTNH8zH • My Line motycoc
  2. [LVL 11] Botting Clan 20/50 Hello Botters today I want to introduce you to my Botting Clan, Why Join ? • Well Clan is LvL 11 Wich means you get a Full CC with MAX Archers every 10Minutes • All Members are Trusted and aware of the botting no problem no banns since 2014! • NONE Stop CW Opion In and Out no need to war if you dont want ! Rules: • Must be Th9 with LvL 6 Archers for donating always LvL 7 Archers and secure a full CC for every 1 • To be able to Join War, you have to show a Leader your skills in attacking, and you need to use a warbase wich is given by a Leader to provite 3 stars! • No Swearing, Flaming, or Talking about bot in the Clan chat, if you have any question about botting contact me right here! Settings: • Your Donation settings have to be Archer and have to be set up that you donate only into those Request wich include ''Archer''!! (If u need help with this no problem!) • Your CC Request Must be "Archer" How to Apply ? • Write your TH Level, Archer Level amount of hours you use the bot per day, PM me after that again with the same message and I will reply with the Clantag!