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  1. [7.6.6] Memu screen bugged today So im using bot for a long time now. But just right now, the bot bugged my memu after hours of running today and past weeks. I tried to reboot computer, but still persists. Bot is starting memu in a small resolution, and them the screen of memu freezes... The bot reconize clash is started, and the bot log starts doing the tasks, but at memu screen i see only the main screen freezed. I tried to click on clash app but nothing. When i clicked on play store app, i can hear the click sound, but nothing appears. It seems memu is working, but with main screen bugged. If i start memu normally, it works. Really dont know what is that, since i was using without any bugs since the release. Im using memu 5.2.3 with android 4.4. Also my Win 10 screen is at 100% Some screenshots below EDIT: JUST FIXED. it seems that my memu automatically changed from OPENGL to DIRECTX wtf !!!
  2. @Hecki and @rbrt im downloading this memu versions since i was using the 3.7.0 and having issues with the personal break. However, i've only managed to find a Memu version - and when i create an instance, there is only Android 4.4 (nothing saying 4.4.2). Is this correct? Im asking since im at legend, i dont want to have any kind of bug . Thanks and happy new year
  3. lokoroxbr

    [FIXED IN v7.6.6]The Pixel on 761-592 was: 71B44A

    i got the bug again today. But i lost the code. if it appears again ill take screenshot too
  4. lokoroxbr

    [FIXED IN v7.6.6]The Pixel on 761-592 was: 71B44A

    thanks for all the help and patience my friend
  5. lokoroxbr

    [FIXED IN v7.6.6]The Pixel on 761-592 was: 71B44A

    big thanks last question i forgot: is this bug only because the christmas event (like the rage-bat bug) or this fix will have to remain for the whole 7.6.5 version?
  6. lokoroxbr

    [FIXED IN v7.6.6]The Pixel on 761-592 was: 71B44A

    big big big thanks mate !! Can i just delete the .exe file and always right click on Mybot.run.au3 and select "Run script" ? So everytime i'll be using the updated whenever i edit an au3 file ?
  7. lokoroxbr

    [FIXED IN v7.6.6]The Pixel on 761-592 was: 71B44A

    mate im having same issue. I just have to download this version your posted and replace in folder? Or i need to recompile ? If i have to recompile, how can i do that (sorry im newbie at this) ??? Because i use bot with memu version 3.6.9
  8. [7.6.5] Cannot detect button request troop so i was running mybot with Edrag CSV, it ran normally for some time, but now im getting this two odd bugs. The first one was that couldnt train freeze spell because of queue something. Now this one is not requesting troops The cod bug is: 16:51:12] Total Siege Workshop Capacity: 3/3 [16:51:12] - 3 Wall Wreckers Available [16:51:12] Total Clan Castle Spells: 0/2 [16:51:12] Total Siege CC Capacity: 0/1 [16:51:12] Getting current available troops and spells in Clan Castle... [16:51:14] Requesting Clan Castle reinforcements [16:51:14] Cannot detect button request troops. [16:51:14] The Pixel on 761-592 was: 71B44A Anyone knows what this is ??? Thanks
  9. lokoroxbr

    Bat Spell detected as Rage Spell

    now mybot is saying freeze spell is with the queue problem... what should i rename or fix?
  10. lokoroxbr

    Bat Spell detected as Rage Spell

    big thanks !! Valeu maninho
  11. lokoroxbr

    Bat Spell detected as Rage Spell

    mate do i have to edit anyhting inside the .xml file or just the rename and it works? Also after the event ends, i should rename back to original file right? I use the original mybot (not modded)
  12. Bug with Cristmas present event? after the christmas spell event, my bot is training bat spells instead of rage spells... Anyone knows how fix it?
  13. cara acha que algum fix/patch sai ainda durante o evento de 1 gema? abraço
  14. [7.6.4] AFTER UPDATE - BOT DONT SEE TROOPS so i tried to bot today after update ! The CSV of lavaloon, which i always used, isnt working. Bot doesnt recognize the troops (balloons)...