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  1. I'm using 7.7.3 R03 with my settings from before the April update and the primary stuff works..raiding using a script and it's attacking in builder base. the only issue i had to fix was the clan castle location, but not required. The bot closes the window confirmation after a couple seconds (it uses the button in chat to request troops). set-up can take around 10 minutes. it's worth configuring if you like this bot because it can raid in the builder village.
  2. Why does the bot set my Army capacity to 280/280 automatically when i clearly set it to xxx/280 and i force it too. Bug or is this intentional on this compilation?
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    Army window

    I decided to upgrade my emulator today and i been having issues with the latest memu versions in regards to not being able to find the army window. I tried 6.0.8 / 6.0.7 / 5.3.2 and then after that i gave up. i went back to 2.8.6 and now everything is fine again. Now the only reason i wanted to upgrade my emulator was because one of 'instances' kept getting an error message about google play services stopped working. Anyways, i hope the re-installation did the trick here.