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  1. [7:22:18 PM] Total Siege Workshop Capacity: 1/3 [7:22:18 PM] - 1 Wall Wrecker Available [7:22:18 PM] Total Clan Castle Spells: 2/2 [7:22:18 PM] Total Siege CC Capacity: 1/1 [7:22:18 PM] - 1 Stone Slammer Available [7:22:18 PM] Chief, is your Army ready? Yes, it is! [7:22:20 PM] Open Build Siege Machines Tab [7:22:23 PM] Laboratory Upgrade in progress, waiting for completion [7:22:29 PM] [0] Going to Builder Base [7:22:30 PM] Trying to locate Main Screen If your army camp is 100% full, then the bot will not train spells or siege machines. _update There's a checkbox to wait for spells to be ready even if you attack or just stay online and donate.
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