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  1. Does this version successfully support using SharedPrefs to switch accounts? I am finding that it is getting stuck when the google accounts pop up between each switch rather than just having the bot click to the side of the google accounts pop-up to close it.

  2. I have tried a number of options all with similar results. This specific on is happening with just a standard army train with none of the Smart Queue or Smart Train checkboxes checked. But, I have also tried this using Smart Train, Force brew spells, double train, precision troops etc. All combinations appear to have a similar error where despite the queue not being full, the bot thinks it is full based on the pixel color of the minion and so doesn't try to brew the troop.
  3. Error in Training Army, incorrect reading of pixel color as grey causing troop which is available with space to not trained. Searching the TrainIt.au3 script the section that is failing is line 55. Perhaps the nested IFs are causing a bad set of logic statements. It appears that the variable is either not getting reset or it is not able to read the pixel color appropriately. Any assistance on this would be appreciated.