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      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.5.1 RELEASED!   03/24/2018

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.5.1!!   This release supports the December 2017 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.5 Release


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  1. Bot not running on BS

    you can configure the shortcut to run BS instead. Open the shortcut properties (to the exe) and in the target box add a space to the end then your profile name then a space then your Bluestacks version. For example - "C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\COC\Mybot 5\MyBot-MBR_v7.5.1\MyBot-MBR_v7.5.1\MyBot.run.exe" MyVillage Bluestacks3 Where I am using a default profile of MyVillage and Bluestacks3
  2. Appreciation Thread

    I would second your post as it's definitely the best one I have tried for Clash. Great work by the dev's and thanks for keeping it free to all. I am pleased people are donating to you guys too. I assume you all do this in your spare time! Thanks for keeping both the bot alive and this forum! Very nice upgrade to the forum too guys, I am loving this one.
  3. It could be a dangerous option yes but also a good one. It already checks for free ones so possibly still a good option. Plus, you can stack those potions (use more than one at once) and have multiple hours worth of fast botting
  4. Using bot in war

    Just play the wars and enjoy what you have already upgraded lol. Wars are the MOST fun part of clash with a good clan as they take you to think and have tactics
  5. How to use Clan Games

    I'm loving this functionality - it works great!!! Thanks for adding this devs - appreciated!
  6. Strange Zooming Out Issue

    Cool thank you, it is set to DirectX. Let me switch it to openGl and test. I'll report back Booo. Unfortunately even changing Bluestacks 3 to OpenGL instead and restarting does not fix it If it is docked and I zoom in myself a little (using keyboard) then start the bot it tells me - [18:45:29] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [18:45:29] Android DirectX not available, using ADB screencap for background capture [18:45:36] ~~~ My Bot v7.5.1 (Android) Powered by MyBot.run ~~~~ [18:45:36] MyBot.run.exe Executable running on WIN_10 X64 [18:45:36] ===================== Bot Start ===================== [18:45:36] ------------ Current Profile: MyVillage ------------ [18:45:36] BlueStacks2 (Android) will be automatically rebooted in 0d 23h 58m [18:45:36] Trying to locate Main Screen [18:45:37] Zooming Out [18:45:57] Try secondary village measuring... [18:46:00] Try secondary village measuring... [18:46:03] Try secondary village measuring... [18:46:04] Main Screen located [18:46:09] Detecting your Buildings.. [18:46:10] Detecting your Village Theme [18:46:10] Normal Theme detected [18:46:14] Language setting is English: Correct. But then luckily uses that secondary measuring and continues in my main village. When it switches to Builder base it also then zooms out fine docked and continues. All very strange!!! 18:49:25] Going to Builder Base [18:49:27] Trying to locate Main Screen [18:49:28] Zooming Out [18:49:34] Main Screen located [18:49:34] Collecting Resources on Builders Base [18:49:36] Builder Base Report [18:49:37] [G]: 1 804 105 [E]: 1 341 631[T]: 3 517 [18:49:37] Boosting Clock Tower [18:49:37] Clock Tower boost is not available! [18:49:41] Going to Normal Village [18:49:43] Trying to locate Main Screen [18:49:46] Bot was Paused! If it is not docked then it dies in my Builder base also on Zooming out. Even when returning from an attack and it zooms into a completed clan game it then zooms out OK docked lol. I am not sure what the difference is between having the Mybot client docked and not?! Is there something different in the code or AutoIT or something?! I was using MeMu before but MyBot kept restaring Memu after every attack so I switched to Bluestacks 3 instead. If you think Memu is better then I can switch back if we can cure the restarting issue?! Seems it is not my lucky day at the moment - very frustrating as a dev that I can not just debug it myself lol. If you have no other ideas - I will enable debug messages and post back yes.
  7. Bot problem in reading emulator

    You can add to the shortcut you use to fire up MyBot instead. Open up the shortcut properties and add this to the end of the target edit box - [space][Profile Name][space][Bluestacks Version] Example - MyVillage Bluestacks3 Tells it to use profile named MyVillage and Bluestacks 3 client. My full target edit box link from my shortcut to the exe on my desktop with parts removed as an example - "C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\COC\Mybot 5\MyBot-MBR_v7.5.1\MyBot-MBR_v7.5.1\MyBot.run.exe" MyVillage Bluestacks3
  8. Strange Zooming Out Issue

    Strange Zooming Out Issue Hello All, I have been quiet on the forums but have been using mybot for a few years now. I am a Software Engineer by trade so I have tried a few things already to fix my issue but I still do not understand and maybe the Microsoft patch has got me lol!!! I patched my Windows 10 version to the latest one recently - build 17134 and they changed lots of my stuff the ********. I have downloaded Bluestacks 3 from a link on this forum and got that up and running fine (ran the extra reg fixes also). Seems the bot just will not zoom out any more on either the main base or the builder base! I have read LOADS of threads on solutions to this already on the forum and tried loads of them but to no avail. The REALLY STRANGE thing is I can get the bot to zoom out if I tell it to DOCK with the Bluestacks 3 client. Then it zooms out on both bases fine?!!! If I tell the bot to undock, then it keeps trying to zoom out but selects walls and other buildings instead. I have cleared ALL obstacles from my base from top right and bottom left etc so it can read the tree and also read the rocks. I have lowered the number on the end from _95.xml to a lower number like 92 etc but still nothing. But yet, when I tell the client to dock to Bluestacks 3 it works great!!!! Both Bluestacks and MyBot are running as Admin but not in any compatibility mode or anything. Can any experienced person or a dev on here please tell me why this is please as I would like to run the client undocked!! I assume it is the way the bot works with DirectX or OpenGL or something? All help vastly appreciated!!! I have not created a debug log (yes I have read the rules etc) but I just wondered if anyone knew straight away anyway without me doing this?! I would love to get the bot to work in Bluestacks client v3 like I did when I was using 0.9 rooted Bluestacks as the bot was perfect and you guys have coded a GREAT BOT!!!!! Donations also coming from me from a fellow Software Engineer as I REALLY appreciate your hard work that you do not sell to everyone and keep it free and open!! All dev's have to eat right? Anyway, can someone explain why it is doing this please? Even just for my own knowledge as I would love to fix it. :O) If you need more info or logs or anything just shout and I'll produce them.