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  1. qqww

    [V.7.7] LeapDroid

    [0:29:40] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [0:29:41] Launch faild: devices [0:29:41] Starting LeapDroid and Clash Of Clans [0:29:41] Please wait while LeapDroid and CoC start... [0:29:54] Please wait while LeapDroid and CoC start... [0:29:55] LeapDroid Loaded, took 0.06 seconds to begin. [0:29:55] LeapDroid (vm1) running in window mode [0:29:59] LeapDroid cannot use ADB for mouse events, "qwerty2" not found [0:30:00] LeapDroid (vm1) will be automatically rebooted in 0d 23h 59m [0:30:00] Launch Clash of Clans now... [0:30:00] Waiting for Main Screen after LeapDroid restart [0:30:23] ===================== Bot Stop =======
  2. I admire your method, but there are more simple ways to get there You can use this software Auto PowerOn andShutDown 2.8 This software has the ability to automatically turn on the computer at a specified time As well as running any program automatically after the computer is turned on
  3. qqww

    Builder idle time

    Builder idle time In my opinion, if it is possible to show the idle time of the builders somewhere in the robot Of course, only the first builder to finish it will be shown It can help a lot Because we have to stop the robot for a few moments and look at the time that the builder is idle I have an idea to show the place You can move the builder from the center down to the bottom right of the robot home screen and display the time below it, such as the time of the lab I thank you for all the hardships you have and wish you the best for you good luck
  4. qqww

    Aio++ Mod v1.8.6 بر پایه MBR 7.5.4

    رو اضافه کنید به جای گوبلین پیکنیک چون هم خونه گوبلین گوشست و زدنش راحته هم مپش همون پایینه راحتر و سریعتر میتونه پیدا کنهthe arena دوستان لطفا این مود رو اپدیت کنید اگه امکانش هست سوپر ایکس پی هنوزم کار میکنه لطفا اگه میتونید مپ واز همه مهمتر 11 تا ایکس پی میده یعنی تقریبا در ساعت یه چیز نزدیک به 2500 ایکس پی میشه گرفت لطفا اگه میشه حداقل فقط سوپر ایکس پی رو اپدیت کنید که خونه گوبلین جدید رو بزنه .با تشکر از زحمات دوستان
  5. qqww

    Is the Bot Run update ??

  6. qqww

    Siege Machine

    Siege Machine Can make this setting in the official boot. when Siege Machine in cc use it and when in cc Not available Automatically forces out use only use siege machine in cc from siege machine We did not use ourselves Are there any settings like this?
  7. qqww

    Congrats to developers and moderators

    happy new year team mybot
  8. این روش رو بر روی ربات رسمی انجام بده
  9. رو انتخاب کنcompile script (x86) کلیک راست کن بعد گزینه mybot.run.au3دوست عزیز لازم نیست اکسیر مربوط به بالا رفتن 5 لول هیرو را استفاده کنید فقط این فایلو دانلود کن و به مسیر زیر بریز یا جایگزین فایل قبلی کن بعد برو به پوشه اصلی مای بوت فایل https://mybot.run/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15627 ...\COCBot\functions\Search\VillageSearch.au3
  10. Force Request after Force Completion The request for castle is not timely After completing the troops request This will force the castle without force Is it possible to request a return attack? Which file and where should I edit my file?
  11. qqww

    [FIXED IN v7.6.6] 7.6.5 bugs report

    After activating the potion, training can not continue Click the wrong clan castle information button Can not find a blank space on the home page please check it Thanks to the mybot team