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  1. Poor you...my friend have same your situation... Anyways, my advises, you guys should not use CSV baba archer..goblim...with high speed drop for high lv hall, specailly, four finger
  2. I love you..bro...i love Tap humanization to train myseft and my friends...from the past some MoD not to keep it up...i is so sad...i think ver Mod should be have...clan will have some funny times
  3. All guys should be waiting for new upgrade bot ..same to me
  4. Pl, help ..delete old spc id Anyone know how to delete old acc spc id? I deleted one acc .. But I log in mybot run...it is still back to make a wrong acc , wrong cab hi hu I already click " pull pref share any save " button...
  5. Thank you for new bot...but i can not see the Tap Siege Machines....please, check ít again
  6. Day by day..log in to check new uprade bot...but nothing new...hix hix many acc sleeping hu hu hu
  7. Still waiting new uprade bot for donate and swicth acc
  8. thank you mod...but it not working to switch acc...fail
  9. Tied with SPC ... Just update for a while running 7.7.9...now waiting for fix to switch acc..
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