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  1. @BOLUDOZ No im still on th 11 because i have to upgrade barch and barracks, until then bot will be updated for th 12 :-) and @SpartanUBPT after i rebooted PC and run mybot, now everything works 100% even smart wait.
  2. You are Samkie right? You just trolling us lol This works almost perfect, i just noticed one minor bug, it says smart wait disabled, but I’ve enable it.. everting else works like before. You man really know what you doing, thumbs up for everything what you did
  3. Bot needs to be updated

    Same for me
  4. Bot needs to be updated

    https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/76-csv-attack-files/ you can find all this here.
  5. Bot needs to be updated

    prinz eugene lavaloon
  6. Bot needs to be updated

    ive got a problem, it wont train wb. it trains archers instead. [18:06:28] - 2 Baby Dragons Available [18:06:28] - 30 Balloons Available [18:06:28] - 2 Lava Hounds Available [18:06:28] - 10 Minions Available [18:06:28] - Barbarian King Available [18:06:28] - Archer Queen Available [18:06:28] Total Spell Factory Capacity: 11/11 [18:06:29] - 5 Haste Spells Brewed [18:06:29] - 3 Rage Spells Brewed [18:06:29] - Clan Castle request already made. [18:06:29] Chief, is your Army ready for the battle? No, not yet! [18:06:29] - Troops are not Ready! [18:06:29] - Checking: FULL Queue and Not Full Army [18:06:29] Open Troops Tab [18:06:31] - Checking: Empty Queue and Not Full Army [18:06:31] - Conditions met: Empty Queue and Not Full Army [18:06:32] - Trained 10 archer(s)!
  7. Bot needs to be updated

    Thanks man, didn’t even know it works with normal train because of electro dragon. Works great for now
  8. Bot needs to be updated

    i did. it opens spell tab and army tab, also quick train tab. but when it comes to train army i get this error [16:41:40] - Your Army is Full, let's make troops before Attack! [16:41:40] Open Troops Tab [16:41:43] Open Spells Tab [16:41:46] Open Troops Tab [16:41:48] Open Quick Train Tab [16:41:51] Using Quick Train Tab [16:41:52] - Error Clicking On Army! You are not on the Quicktrain Tab [16:41:55] Army Window Closed
  9. Bot needs to be updated

    no th 11