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  1. Hi! I’ve gotta a question, can you create order what army to use first? when bb attack, and my army is pekka and cannon, Bot first use cannon and then pekka, so cannon is destroyed before pekka arrives. So there would be great to choose what rowe bot uses first. Also maybe option for battle mashine to go on side with all army, and not to other side.
  2. bluestacks error code -16 FIX if you have problem with instaling clash of clans and you get this message. " clash of clans cannot be installed try again error code -16" Then download BStweaker, here is link for ti https://mega.nz/#!QAh21SQL!Y9a6tHg35As_6DhHsnDka3E5OjBGV2uwS19ewJ-vF28 just change this what i highlighted.
  3. sirius error occured please restart pc Laity I’ve get this error, “sirius error occured please restart pc” can’t find solution on mybot forum, all of them are outdated and liks are missing. Can someone help with this. Thanks. @TripleM @Hecki Or someone..