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    [LVL 9] CWL + Clan Games TH8+

    [LVL 9] CWL + Clan Games TH8+ Our clan currently consists of all friends and I am the only one who bots in our clan ATM. Our members are non-rushed th9's and 10's that also include my own engineered th10's & 11's and one nearly maxed th12. We are a LVL 9 clan looking to fill our ranks to do the 15v15 Clan War Leagues. We do normal wars only a couple times per month. For normal wars/CWL we are looking for non-rushed th8 thru th10 and engineered th11 would be fine. 50% participation in the Clan Games is required. We will accept anyone th8+ if you are only interested in Clan Games. Donate what is asked Be respectful Do not talk about bot Reply with info: TH lvl: BK lvl: AQ lvl: GW lvl: