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  1. Hello, @Samkie! I have a problem (version 0.9.8 & 1.0): don't donate troops: L [2017-07-22 01:06:37.134] ===================== CC Request ===================== L [2017-07-22 01:06:37.174] Using OCR to read Latin derived alphabets.. L [2017-07-22 01:06:37.828] Chat Request: shisha L [2017-07-22 01:06:37.899] Chat Troops: 0/0, Spells: 1/1 L [2017-07-22 01:06:37.900] Clan Castle troops are full, skip troop donation... L [2017-07-22 01:06:37.902] Clan Castle spells are full, skip spell donation... L [2017-07-22 01:06:38.889] ===================== Donate End ===================== The size of CC 30 and 35 isn't defined.
  2. It's work! Thanks a lot! @Samkie, excuse for importunity but don't upgrade buildings. See log, please (allocated lines):
  3. Hello, @Samkie I have a problem (0.9.8) with drop trophy: 1. My Army = 90 barb, 110 archers & 5 wizards. 2. First training is wizards. 3. Drop trophy with barbarian (Heroes healing), remains 89 barbarians. 4. The second army prepares first wizards. 5. Army is 99% and not go to attack (Attack -> Train Army -> Troops/Spells -> Ful Camps >= 100%). If set to 99% then go to attack. 6. Check is "Enable delete excess troops" but not train barbarian. 7. Restart bot helps. I hope that has it is clear explained. P. S. In version 0.7.x this is good work.
  4. OK. Why not boost collectors & upgrade in Star Laboratory?
  5. In the version 7.2.2 this problem remained:"Skip Clock Tower Boost as no Building is currently under Upgrade! Boost would be a waste!"
  6. There was no folder "CC" in ...\Profiles\SamM0d\Troops I have created the folder "CC" and have transferred to it images from "Troops" (0_92.png, Arch_92.png, ..., Wiza_92.png). The mistake has disappeared.
  7. Sorry I have badly explained (not that picture I have shown). The mistake arises due to the lack of the "CC" folder if check "Wait CC Troops for all mode": Log:
  8. Hello @Samkie, in version >0.8.3 don't create folder "CC" in ...\Profiles\SamM0d\Troops and there is a mistake if check "Wait CC Troops for all mode": I have created the folder "CC" and have transferred to it images (0_92.png, Arch_92.png, ..., Wiza_92.png). The mistake has disappeared. Check, please.
  9. Always. I checked on 5 accounts. When drop trophy doesn't let out army or the hero and comes back to base. In the previous version everything worked.
  10. Hello. Bot don't drop trophy. Check, please.