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  1. Yup, thats why I'm speaking about its not suitable for all people. As not all people having a server 32 core CPU just for botting. I use bot at midnight and do my task on morning. Which won't actually affects me however some guy might doing their own jobs while botting. So thats why it is not good idea if keeps pulling the performance away. Edit: Using Official is just good enough, 4 bots 4 MEmus are about using just 70% of my CPU actually, which keeps all people doing their job and bot quite enough. So hope that there is some real "performance updates" which can keeps the speed but al
  2. Hey, good to see the donation stats are live again🤗
  3. I don't know if the author is still active, but here is what multithreading search causing on a multiple botting PC. Actually you can dig on EmguCV which is better algorithm and performance, without having pushed my PC until fully 2 hours of over 95% usage above. I7-6700HQ 2.6GHz and boost 3.1GHz, currently running over 3GHz and not even enough for that. Here is the project I had did before, using EmguCV, matching 6 template in a single image about 100ms and not as high CPU as this.
  4. So, a normal person can tap a screen in fastest 70ms until next tap. Don't belive me? Try do some CPS test! Hence in the csv sections any script's drop speed is faster than this will highly result detected. Including most bot clicks speed. And if your normally if you drop troops by tapping, you won't slower than 200ms to next click. Quite boring doing such test, but yet its the reason why my accounts are still safe, as all the csv I had modified their delays from 10-20 or even 50-70 to all 70-120. Just for sharing! Hope that MyBot community able to avoid creating extreme fast csv?
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