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  1. Glad to see if the bot will work in short time. Else gonna donate whole clan by hand myself will die actually😂😂. Mostly is because I'm working at home as Covid19 is spreading thats why I have time for this
  2. Oh gosh, why mine is working? This confusing me😅
  3. Checked the code, found that MyBot already have the variable for the click, so it cause the click is now doubled thats why it can't send the request. I modified again and see if it works
  4. did you recompiled your mybot? Edit: Maybe is screen color problen, I will update the hotfix again. Me here works currently hmmm
  5. Again, updated request troop hotfix now😏
  6. Screenshot your village, hiding your name and clan or you can pm me. I will try get more screenshots for it to work.
  7. What emulator using? Give me the screenshot without your clan and player name, but don't hide your boat!
  8. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/48976-ready-for-the-spring-update/&do=findComment&comment=363218
  9. Locate MainScreen HotFix Download the ImgXml.zip below and direct paste to the MyBot folder and extract at there. Or put the files into mybot's folder accordingly. Edit3: Ok, for some replaced ImgXml still don't works, try pull your zoomed out village towards left, to the sea! MyBot detects the stone on there with the location and it will now works. Request Troops Hotfix** Edit1: If someone used the first fix, remove the Click(335, 235, 1, 0, "#0254") in RequestCC.au3 and use the code below! Sorry for confusing guys! Edit2: Just found out MyBot have color detection on send request button. Tried to modify it and see if you guys can use it now. Mine is just running fine or is it my bot is buggy now?😂😂 MyBot\COCBot\functions\Config\ScreenCoordinates.au3 Line 63, 64 Original: Global $aCancRequestCCBtn[4] = [340, 250, 0xCC4010, 20] ; Red button Cancel in window request CC Global $aSendRequestCCBtn[2] = [524, 250] ; Green button Send in window request CC Global $atxtRequestCCBtn[2] = [430, 140] ; textbox in window request CC Change To: Global $aCancRequestCCBtn[4] = [340, 320, 0xFDDC75, 20] ; Red button Cancel in window request CC Global $aSendRequestCCBtn[2] = [524, 320] ; Green button Send in window request CC Global $atxtRequestCCBtn[2] = [335, 235] ; textbox in window request CC MyBot\COCBot\functions\Village\RequestCC.au3 Original: While Not _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor($aSendRequestCCBtn[0], $aSendRequestCCBtn[1], True), Hex(0x5fac10, 6), 20) Change To: While Not _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor($aSendRequestCCBtn[0], $aSendRequestCCBtn[1], True), Hex(0xE0F989, 6), 20) or if above is not working. While Not _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor($aSendRequestCCBtn[0], $aSendRequestCCBtn[1], True), Hex(0xdef884, 6), 20) Below is provided by @Nytol Posted at here: Recompile after you done! Again for lazy people, download COCBot.zip below and compile yourself. If you don't know compile: Let me know if you can't use it! I will try my best to fix it. Tested on MEmu 3.6.9 with DirectX imgxml.zip COCBot.zip
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