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  1. python hmmm, which is I want to learn too but have no time to do so
  2. hmmm, are you sure adding something which is not in autoIt from me?
  3. hmmm, I have no time to continue the work. So if you want to add more functions is welcome!
  4. MyBot ini Injector This program is used to directly modify MyBot's ini file without openning MyBot. But since I had already a programmer in other company, so this program will just leave it here to who want to use it as I have no time to update it again. However, who is interested to continue the work is welcome! Repos url: https://github.com/PoH98/MyBot.Injector/tree/master Download: https://github.com/PoH98/MyBot.Injector/releases/tag/v1.0
  5. but this UI will be big when dock is ticked
  6. Just a off topic Just wondering if MyBot let user to mod but encrypted images to xml? There are many other things to encrypt but not the images, just like the warden update! If the images are still in png format will be more easier to modified or replace. What do you guys think?
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