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  1. OK I've tried changing the config.ini and I switched emulators, but no luck. This bug is really irritating.
  2. I'll try that and see if it works.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what you mean? What is aero? EDIT: Ok i turned aero on now to see if it works. EDIT 2: With Aero mode on issues are still appearing.
  4. Another issue. When searching for bases to attack, it will not correctly identify the resources unless the emulator window is the active window. After a couple of "nexts", it just returns home. As seen in picture below, there are times where the resources will be the exact same, and only changes once I make the emulator window active.
  5. Yes. Background mode is active. Sometimes I also receive the copycat ImgLoc DLL error, despite using the legit version. The suggested fix was to turn on aero mode or something? But windows 10 has no such feature. Really confuses me. Bot will work when emulator and bot are selected windows, but otherwise it goes haywire. Really weird.
  6. Bot can't find army window and restarts Bluestacks This just one of a few recent issues I've had with the bot. MyBot Version: 7.6.6 Emulator Version: Bluestacks Rooted Operating System: Windows 10 Screenshot(s): In attachments Brief Description of the Problem: Bot cannot find army window, then restarts due to page errors. What were you doing to trigger this?: Not sure. Seems to be triggered by background mode. What have you tried to do to resolve the problem?: Not much. I'm not sure as to why this happens and how to resolve it.
  7. Reboot BlueStacks due to X amount page errors in X amount minutes. Bot will not run properly, and constantly restarts. I've followed the instructions for debugging. Link: https://mega.nz/#!AMBAGS5R!Pd_xxmFXK8SnsQnh7NaUb0WCbjIY735VQzSxDvDzYA0