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  1. Recruiting - multiple Level 10+ clans - Family of mybot users Clan choices: FARM WARS +games=undisclosed network doing 50x wars with a 98% match rate. Casual wars +games= skilled players who never skip and rarely fail - we WIN or TIE more than we loose - if we loose its usually by 1 star on #1. Non War -games= 100% automated clan where you never have to check in for war or games. ALL clans require Discord. We exchange files and information that way. Use https://discord.me/automation From the lobby you can get someones attention. (*Until Discords proper server is up and running again I'm going to use this for my personal means.) I'm Bdizzle18 in there. The discord.me link is still getting set up - as is the server. another link that will work is this: https://discord.gg/sePqBN9 You should send me a PM - tell me: Town hall level average attacks per season average donations/requests per season average games per round. Seeking WAR OPTIMIZED accounts that are interested in -- We have built in training in our discord server to learn various skills. We have players who custom make CSV's and have third party support in our discord. Age, Sex, Location - irrelevant and it should not be a problem or have anything to do with your gaming ability... Show up - be mature - willing to learn - reliable and in time you will earn promotions after you have proven your worth. Our members are mostly USA / UK / and a few other random countries- most are adults. we have 10 online 24/7 with current clan donations averaging between 100k and 150k per season. We earned 80k games in 30 hours during the last big event. Our family of clans includes a couple hundred members. DM me for an invite to our Discord Server.